Helpful Thoughts to Remember

by Pete on January 30, 2016

(These powerful ideas were on my mind this morning (1/30/2016) when I woke up after a fun dream of flying. I’ve been working on uncovering and understanding them for a long time. I hope you find them as inwardly satisfying as I do. By seeing and acknowledging these truths in ourselves and others, we can […]


Is Steven Greer right? Is the world threatened by those who place themselves and their own well-being above everyone else? Are they keeping knowledge of UFOs and advanced technology away from the public to dole out at their own speed and for their own benefit? Are they even more powerful than our national governments? Dr. […]


Pharmaceutical Drugs, Doctors and Depression

by Pete on December 30, 2015

December 29, 2015 by Arjun Walia at Collective Evolution What The Pharmaceutical Industry & Your Doctor Don’t Tell You About Depression “Before starting off, it’s important to mention that yes, some individuals suffer more than others when it comes to depression, and people do need assistance to climb out of these dark places. There is no […]

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A Crisis Worse than ISIS? Bail-Ins Begin

December 29, 2015

At the end of November, an Italian pensioner hanged himself after his entire €100,000 savings were confiscated in a bank “rescue” scheme. He left a suicide note blaming the bank, where he had been a customer for 50 years and had invested in bank-issued bonds. But he might better have blamed the EU and the G20’s Financial Stability Board, which have imposed an “Orderly Resolution” regime that keeps insolvent banks afloat by confiscating the savings of investors and depositors. Some 130,000 shareholders and junior bond holders suffered losses in the “rescue.”

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Open Letter to Craig Jelinek CEO, Costco, Regarding the Sale of GM Salmon at Costco Stores

November 21, 2015

Dear Mr. Jelinek,  (Alert: Friday, Nov. 20, Costco decided not to carry GM salmon “at this time.”) It’s time to wake up, wise up and rise up (evolve), if we wish to survive as human beings. My wife, S, and I love and respect Costco. We’ve been members almost as long as your Santa Rosa, […]

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Dearly Departed May Not Be So Departed After All

October 24, 2015

Rob Gauthier – My dad and his angels showed up at the funeral (from Facebook). Thank you, Rob! Sensing the presence of your “dad and his angels” at his (?) funeral reminded me of two funerals I attended where the deceased appeared. In both cases, the deceased and I had a strong spiritual connection. One […]

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Hillary Clinton Won the First Debate?

October 19, 2015

Poll: Hillary Clinton Won the First Dem Debate  More than half of Democrats believe Hillary Clinton won the first Democratic presidential candidate debate, according to the results of a new poll released by NBC News and SurveyMonkey on Friday morning. Clinton finished at the top of the list with 56 percent polled saying she did […]

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End Discrimination for Profit and Power

October 18, 2015

Republication of Mar. 12, 2014 article by Laura Clawson on Daily Kos entitled: Paul Ryan says men in ‘inner cities’ aren’t ‘even thinking about working’   Rep. Paul Ryan’s effort to brand himself as a Republican anti-poverty crusader continues. The House Budget Committee chair and former Republican vice-presidential nominee went on Bill Bennett’s radio show […]

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Seth Speaks to Pat’s Boston High School Class, March 25, 1967

September 27, 2015

Now, dear friends, there is never any justification for war, and there is never any justification for killing. It is true that basically there is no death, but this can not be used as an excuse within your sense-system. You have created death within your system. Since you have created it you are left to […]

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Bernie Sanders Interview With Andrea Mitchell

September 3, 2015

Andrea tried to knock Bernie off topic throughout the interview by goading him into personal attacks on Hilary Clinton and discussing complex, inflammatory issues like gun control and immigration. She failed to unsettle him and, in the process, Bernie showed us how important it is to focus on what we want, not on what we […]

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