YOU are the Change You’re Creating!

by Pete on November 14, 2012

What do you want most for your children, yourself and the world? Who do you love to be? What do you love to do? Questions like these reveal your ideals, what’s best in you. They expose your natural idealism and unleash your highest aspirations. They put you in touch with the essence of who and what you […]

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What Works and Makes You Happy – Part 2

by Pete on October 3, 2014

What Is Reality? In What Works and Makes You Happy – Part 1, the focus was on the question, who or what are we? In Part 2, we ask:  What’s Reality? Religion tells us we’re creations of a Supreme Being or God and all we have to do is obey His rules or suffer the consequences. The […]


What Works and Makes You Happy – Part 1

by Pete on September 10, 2014

Who or what are we? “In physical reality, … life is the name of the game—and the game is based upon value fulfillment. That means … that each form of life seeks … the fulfillment and unfolding of all the capacities … it senses within its living framework, knowing that in that individual fulfillment each […]


VOTE! Despair is NOT an Option

August 9, 2014

NOT VOTING is a vote to cut, and privatize, Social Security. It is a vote against Healthcare for All. It is a vote against food and shelter for all. It is a vote against voting rights. It is a vote against employee rights and safety. It is a vote against women’s rights and equal pay. It […]

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Michelle Obama at White House Working Families’ Summit

July 28, 2014

What do we want most for our children, ourselves and the world? Instead of thinking we already know the answers, why not ask ourselves meaningful questions to draw out BETTER answers? Why not use the Law of Attraction to expand our awareness? Holding questions in our minds is the best way to access our own […]

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The Source Energy Perspective

July 27, 2014

Archangel Michael, channeled by Daniel Scranton. To hear this material channeled through Daniel, use this  link to YouTube. “By living your life, you are letting Source Energy play through you. You are giving Source Energy an opportunity for new experience. Therefore, live your life and recognize that this is precisely what is happening. Believing this […]

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Look at the World Through Other Eyes

July 22, 2014

When you look at the world through someone else’s eyes, can you see that life is just as challenging for them as it is for you? Can you see that we’re all doing the best we can with what we know in the moment and that, when we understand more, we automatically do better? Until […]

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You Create Your Own Reality

July 18, 2014

During the course of everyday events you often forget the role of thoughts in the forging of your material reality. You get lost in the visible symbols, the material by-products of your imagination, forgetting the invisible blueprints from which they, and you, emerge. Pure energy, like money, its material equivalent, is shaped into matter and […]

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Unit of Consciousness, the Basic Building Block of Reality

July 15, 2014

Seth “Snippets” organized by Lynda Madden Dahl and published on her Facebook page Lynda: Hi Seth friends, we know we emerge from and are a literal part of All That Is. We know of probabilities and simultaneous time and our entity or soul. We know that matter is not concrete, but the camouflage of ideas. […]

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Free to Be Me!

July 12, 2014

What does this idea, free to be me, mean to you? When we each share our thoughts about what this idea means to us, we expand everyone’s awareness, including ourselves. Take your time. Feel out your answers. Sleep on this question; give your larger, Inner Self a chance to express its thoughts. Everything you do […]

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Not One More Dime for Political Campaigns!

July 1, 2014

Please indulge me while I argue in favor of voting – Pete, a beleaguered political donor. I don’t know about you but I’m damn tired of being asked to donate money by political parties, Super-Pacs and individual campaigns from a rapidly growing number of states when so many people are hungry and homeless. Every individual […]

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