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Contemplating Death

Contemplating Death” is the name of a chapter in the book, The Untethered Soul by Michael A. Singer. In this chapter the author talks about how death is the greatest teacher in life. Below are too lessons from the chapter. Basically it says, why wait until you’re on your death bed to really appreciate what matters in life. Live as if you knew you were going to die. Enjoy the everyday miracles you see but don’t realize how miraculous they are, like people, rain and snow. – Cindy

1) “What if you knew that the next person you’d see would be the last person you would ever see? You’d be right there soaking it in, experiencing it. It wouldn’t matter what they were saying: you’d just enjoy hearing the words because it would be the last conversation you’d ever have. What if you brought that kind of awareness to every conversation? That’s what happen when you’re told that death is around the corner; you change, life doesn’t change. The true seeker commits to live like that every moment and lets nothing stop them. Why should anything stop you? You’re just going to die someday anyway.”

2) The beauty of embracing deep truths is that you don’t have to change your life; you just change how you live your life.  It’s not what you’re doing; it’s how much of you is doing it. Let’s take a very simple example. You’ve walked outside thousands of times, but how many times have you really appreciated it? Imagine a person in a hospital bed who has just been told they’ve got a week to live. They look up at the doctor and say, “Can I walk outside? Can I look at the sky just one more time?” If it were raining outside, they would want to feel the rain just once more, For them, that would be the most precious thing. But you don’t want to feel the rain. You run and cover up.”

(This next one is my favorite. – Cindy)

3) “You really don’t need more time before death; what you need is more depth of experience during the time you’re given. That’s the way to live each moment of your life. You let it fill you completely. You let it touch you to the depths of your being. There is no moment that can’t do that. Even if something terrible happens, view it as just another experience of life. Death has made you a great promise in which you can find deep peace. The promise is that all things are temporal; they are all just passing through time and space. If you have patience, this too will pass.

The wise realize that in the end, life belongs to death. Death is the one who comes in his own time to take life from you. Death is the landlord and you are just the tenant. People say things like, “He’s living on borrowed time,” or “He got a new lease on life.” From whom did he borrow the time? From death, of course. Death is the one who comes to claim his property because it has always belonged to him. You should have a healthy relationship with death, and it should not be one of fear. Feel grateful to death for giving you another day, another experience, and for creating the scarcity that makes life so precious. If you do this, your life will no longer be yours to waste; it will be yours to appreciate.”

Posted on Seth Speaks by Cindy, Wed Dec 26, 2012 5:24 am (PST).

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