Twelve Insight Journal – Expanding Concept of Self to Experiment With Invention

by Pete on June 16, 2013

Twelve Insight Journal, June 16, 2013

The Twelve are teachers and guides who share their nonphysical perspective on life, love, LOA (Law of Attraction), how it works, and why we are here. The way they teach is called the Yoga of Positive Thought. To view past issues of Twelve Insight Journal, go here.

Reader: Besides developing greater understanding and healthier strategies for living, I’ve always wanted to experiment with invention and the development of better, safer technologies. Is it possible, working more directly with Inner Source, to develop safer and cleaner sources of energy, for example? It would require an expansion of our self concept. Is the struggle for new understanding just as important as the new understanding itself?

The better your conscious connection with Inner Source, the easier any of this is going to be for you. That is why we are here to teach you the art of reconnecting—of reconfiguring—your connection with Source of All. It is just your sense of disconnection that is causing your disconnection, you see. The thing that you have been searching for has been with you the whole time.

So you have really hit the nail on the head when you say an expansion of self concept is needed. That is a lot of what our work is all about—assisting you in the realization of who you really are. Once you have that sense of your greater self imbedded in your beliefs and actions, then it won’t matter what you are trying to create, because you will have your hands on the great nozzle that sprays forth all of creation.

Struggle kind of implies that you are trying too hard, you see. Source doesn’t have to struggle to create anything…and neither do you. Easy is better. So unless you are trying to create struggle for some specific purpose, like some kind of sporting game or mountain climbing or warring, then we would deliberately leave struggle out of it and expect ease.

So you can create safer energy, or whatever thing it is you wish to create, but allow the process to flow through Source-You, rather than through focused you. The focused you, the you that is here in physical form to experience the contrast and vivid(ness) of physical life, is just a limited part of who you are. It is the tip of the iceberg that is you. The broader you, the parts that are non-physical, are the much greater portion of your being: You are bigger than you think.

So we think you will have a much easier time of creating if you will allow your greater non-physical Source-Self to do the heavy lifting.  When you catch yourself asking that question “what am I going to do about this?” you will save yourself infinite struggles if you will instead ask “I wonder what Source is going to do about this?”

Your job is simple. Just put forth your request vibrationally, establish the sense that it is something you already have, and then go forth into your world knowing that all is well. Pay attention and appreciate the things that please you, and pay little attention to things that don’t.

We would rather see you creating a dozen wonderful little things every day than creating that one, all-important, big thing that you want. Because when you understand the process whereby Source creates all those wonderful little things through you, then you have your hands on the Nozzle of Creation. You are directing Source, and that is your purpose. Then the big things will come just as easily.

What is it you say…”think globally, act locally”?  Do that with Source. Think of the big things you want, and then get the little things flowing right. You will then be amazed at the big things that also work out. Life and creation are meant to be easy and fun.

Namaste, ~Twelve

Yoga of Positive Thought in Practice

During my day I have lots of opportunity to struggle against things. And my struggles against anything always seem to cement them in the wrong place. So the Universe surprised me with a great teacher this week, in a co-worker who just didn’t seem at all like the type to study conscious creation. But he also has this kind of commitment to life and work being easy, and having as much fun as possible in the process. Some of our more “responsible” workers think he’s not serious enough.

So I’m staring at this maze of intricate parts that have to be assembled into a working device, and he says, “Just don’t think it’s going to be a problem. Haven’t you noticed how some of the other guys always say it’s going to be a problem before they even get it out of the box? Well, just assume it’s going to make sense and it will all work itself out.”

And as it all fell neatly into place, we had to laugh, because it’s some of our more “responsible” co-workers who declare a problem before they ever get started. So I learned a couple of things: Obviously I hope, don’t judge a book by its cover. But more importantly, when did we get the idea that having problems and being “serious” equates with being responsible? Isn’t it more responsible to not have problems at all; to have them disappear before they ever appear?

In peace and love,


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Pete June 16, 2013 at 2:21 PM

Larry, I’ve often wondered about bringing folks together (including experts in relevant fields) who are interested in developing new and safer technologies. The idea, as The Twelve suggest, is to enlist the help of our inner sources in the search for greater understanding. Create a bridge, an alliance, and listen to their ideas as you do with The Twelve. Is anything we do not somehow connected to inner source anyway?

One of the primary limitations I see is our stereotype of the “rugged individual”. It’s very strong in the world. To many of us, it may seem like cheating to call on our higher selves for help. To rise above my own limiting beliefs I ask questions like:

What do I know that I don’t know I know?
What can I do that I don’t know I can do?
Where do I begin and where do I end?

They seem like legitimate questions, based on my experience, and make it okay for me to accept knowledge from sources other than society and its institutions. Instead of accepting the idea that I’m a blank slate to be written on and settling on a fixed set of rules to live by, I free myself to pay attention to what works and makes me happy.

This process helps me discover the qualities of life and being I value most, my ideals. Then, it becomes a matter of actualizing them to the best of my ability. If we choose to live by value fulfillment and practice idealism, we can become more self-organizing and self-directing. We can become more self-governing. Actually, to a large extent, we already live by value fulfillment and practice idealism. It falls into the categories of, what do we know that we don’t know we know, and what can we do that we don’t know we can do?

Most of us, if we stop to think about it, will remember instances when we wished or longed for something, a convenience or experience, only to see it appear in reality a short time later. Do we ever ask the universe for good fortune, good weather or good health? Many, if not all of us, do! I realized one day that I wanted to experience the energy of unconditional love. Two years later the universe delivered and I had the following experience: Encounter with Unconditional Love ( It was an amazing experience!

Not only do we ask for certain experiences in waking reality, we do it in dreams as well. How many of us ask, or wish, for flying dreams because they’re so much fun? How many of us look for help with inner or outer conflicts in dreams, sometimes without realizing it? Below the level of the outer self or ego, seeking help in dreams is simple and uncomplicated.

Is it possible that one of the reasons souls, like us, enter physical (dense) reality is to slow the process of creation down so we can study it, so we can watch and participate in each logical and exquisite step along the way? Creation in imagination and dreams happens so quickly and spontaneously, it seems magical and unknowable. For examples of creation in dreams look for Lucid Creation Dreams:

I’m with you, Larry, I would love to work with others on the development of new and safer technologies. What can we do that we don’t know we can do? What do we know that we don’t know we know? Where do we begin and where do we end?

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