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Twelve Spirit on Animal Consciousness

Twelve Insight Journal

September 29, 2013

From reader: I’d like to know what (the Twelve) want us to know about our relationship with animals. Do they continue after death? How much do they perceive on a "conscious" level or is it all just action-reaction? I love animals and want a more enlightened view of the reality of my relationship with them. I once walked up to a mockingbird and it didn’t fly away.  I stroked its breast and it just looked at me. The joy I felt was overwhelming.

Free will is kind of an illusory phenomenon anyway. You will see what we mean and why this has to do with animals.

Because you have intended to recognize conscious intelligence in the animals you interact with, and because you choose to interact with them in the manner of co-creators, law of attraction invokes that behavior to come forth. If you chose to see them as dumb, ignorant, or merely shooting targets, law of attraction would bring forth animals who would interact with you in that manner.

You get what you intend. And the animals, you see, are happily indulging in this game of co-creation with you. They are allowing, for they are not so far removed from their nonphysical source as are thinking, highly focused humans.

If you intend to become a millionaire, for example, you will invoke in yourself the behaviors that will allow you to become that. But will you allow it? Or will you allow your contradictory beliefs to stymie your efforts? If you could just get your dog to intend becoming a millionaire you would be stunned at how quickly it would occur. But he’s not interested. Chasing squirrels is another game altogether, and the squirrels love a good game of chase as much as he.

Free will begins with your intentions—the imaginative vision you put forth. But then your entire world, your entire field of experience begins to mold itself to that vision; certainly in the nonphysical, pre-emergent realm. And the only reason it doesn’t manifest entirely into your physical experience is all that contradictory thought that you allow. Once you launch it forth you are driven by that energy field (contradictory and limiting thought energy) as well.

Are the animals conscious of what is going on?… Are you conscious of what’s going on? To what degree do you recognize that the life experience that unfolds in front of you is the product of your own imagination? On that hallmark of understanding we think the animals have you beat. They are much happier in their existence and in their allowing of the supreme intelligence that directs the unfolding process. You have a lot to learn from them…. Animals allow the unfolding, including their own subsequent behaviors.

Namaste, ~ Twelve


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Yoga of Positive Thought in Practice

Increased life momentum can sometimes feel like the difference between the gentle breeze on your face while riding your bicycle, and the breathtaking breeze on your face when your friend takes you out for a spin in his Shelby Mustang at 140 m.p.h. with the top down. (Whew!!) But the trick I am learning is to keep visioning the desired end no matter what. Visioning is important at every phase of the creation process, not just the beginning. When I feel like I cannot possibly keep up with it all, I stop and remind myself that I don’t have to keep up with all of it. I just have to keep envisioning the end, and capturing that feeling of already being there. The Universe is taking care of all the other details, and putting in front of me exactly the parts that I do need to take care of today. It is that feeling place of already being there that allows me to do exactly what needs to be done, as it needs to be done. We get there one day at a time, and everything is going exactly right!


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