Being How We Love to Be

by Pete on May 18, 2017


Moving the letter w to the end of the word who creates the word how. Who we are and how we are represent two unique dimensions of Being and Creation. Who we are is about everything that sets us apart from everything else. By exploring the differences between ourselves and others, we create separation within the oneness of All That Is.

How we are is about behavior. It is about how we treat ourselves and each other in our oneness with and separation from each other. Unless we take an active role in deciding who and how we want to be, and what we want to do, we become products of environmental influences.

The optimum, or ideal, choices available to us are to be the selves we love to be, to do the things we love to do, and to treat others the way we love to be treated. Let love be the light and our way.

Who do you love to be? How do you love to be? What do you love to do?

By Roger A. “Pete” Peterson at

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