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Save Social Security from Trump’s Sabotage

By Nancy Altman, shared on Credo Mobile

Save Social Security from Trump's Sabotage

Donald Trump has a new scheme to cut Social Security, and it is up to us to expose his false populism.

Ever since seizing office, Trump and his cronies joined the long-running Republican attack on Social Security that one advocate describes as “death by a thousand cuts.”1 Now, the Trump Social Security Administration is planning a new fee for replacing a Social Security card that amounts to yet another cut to our earned benefits.2

Paying to access benefits we already earned is nothing more than a cut – one that hurts women the most, since they disproportionately request new cards, usually upon marriage. We need to pressure the Social Security Administration to drop this plan and expose Trump’s attacks on Social Security.

Tell the Social Security Administration: Stop helping Trump undermine the Social Security system.

Trump’s latest budget would cut our earned Social Security, Medicaid, and Medicare benefits despite his false promises.3 Trump’s repeated claim that he would not cut earned benefits set him apart from other Republicans during the campaign, and helped him win over some skeptics. Now, his constant attacks on Social Security are denying people benefits they earned through hard work, and even costing some their lives.4

Low wages and Wall Street scams have left countless Americans unable to save for retirement. Yet instead of protecting the best and most stable retirement program we have, Donald Trump and Trump Republicans repeatedly attack it. Trump and his cronies cut funding for the Social Security Administration itself – leading to office closures, massive loss of staff and long waits for disability benefits.5 The new fee to replace a Social Security card is more of the same Trump-Republican strategy to cut into already-modest earned benefits.

Social Security is one of the most successful government programs in our history, helping to keep tens of millions of Americans out of poverty over the past 80 years. It can pay all the benefits we earned through 2034 and nearly 80 percent after without any changes. We can shore up and expand Social Security simply by forcing the wealthy to pay their fair share. But instead, Trump and his pals are trying to cut Social Security without anyone noticing. We cannot let that happen.

Tell the Social Security Administration: Stop helping Trump undermine the Social Security system.

Thank you for speaking out.


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Is it time to be honest with ourselves? Is it time to ask ourselves questions like:

  1. What do you want most from me and what do you want most for me?
  2. What do I want most from you and what do I want most for you?
  3. What do I want most from me and what do I want most for me?

Questions like these allow us to access hidden thoughts in our subconscious minds and change them if they’re not to our liking. Once we clearly understand and make peace with what we want most for and from each other, others will no longer be able to polarize and manipulate us because of unclear, fear-driven thoughts and emotions hidden below the surface of our waking consciousness. Others will no longer be able to use our power against us once we’re clear about who and what we are and what we want most for and from each other – in our oneness with and separation from each other – as both products of creation and creation itself.

After some thought, individually and between ourselves, my wife, Sandra, and I came to the conclusion that what we want most for and from ourselves, our children, and others is love and understanding. Try it yourself! Write these questions down or memorize them. Find quiet moments during the day to think about them or at night, when you’re lying awake in bed.

Also, share them with others to see what they come up with. When most people are asked what they want most for their children, their first answer is, “I want my children to be happy.” Think about this, how can anyone be happy if what they think and do is never good enough in their own eyes or in the eyes of those around them? Unless we can see the importance of love and understanding in our lives, how can we expect to experience true happiness in life? How can our children and others experience true happiness in their lives?

As we think, feel, act and react, we create. To change what we create, we must change what we think and feel, how we act and react. This is where the wheels of spiritual reality (thought and feeling) meet the road of material reality (action and reaction).


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