Learn from Dreams

Use your dreams creatively to gain new understanding. Before falling asleep, ask your inner self for answers to your question(s). Record your answer(s) in a bedside journal.

The Power of Wonder

by Pete on May 18, 2010

Dreams come in many forms and deal with many issues. We can call one class of dreams “Creation Dreams” because in these we can observe and explore the elusive act of creation itself. I choose the word elusive because the outer ego portion of the self tends to identify with the “official” beliefs of waking […]


A Snake Dream During a Time of War

by Pete on February 13, 2010

This 2002 dream occurred right after a major clash between the Israelis and Palestinians and I felt, somehow, they were connected. The Israeli army was bulldozing Palestinian homes and allowing Israeli settlers in to occupy the land. In the dream, I lived in a large undeveloped rural area with few homes. There were large fields and woods in every […]