What is the Purpose of Life?

The purpose, or challenge, of life is to learn how to shape energy into a pleasing reality with the power of thought and imagination. The prize is a sense of satisfaction, a feeling of a job well done. And, like learning to walk or talk, it is a personal, subjective endeavor that requires creative aggression. It is a great balancing act, where one must accept falling down in the course of learning how to stand up (from We Create Our Own reality).

 Now, each whole self, or multidimensional personality, has its own purposes, mission, and creative endeavors that are initial and basic parts of itself and that determine those qualities that make it eternally valid and eternally seeking. We are finally free to utilize our energy in those directions. We face many challenges of quite momentous nature, […]


Twelve Spirit on Animal Consciousness

by Pete on September 29, 2013

Twelve Insight Journal September 29, 2013 From reader: I’d like to know what (the Twelve) want us to know about our relationship with animals. Do they continue after death? How much do they perceive on a "conscious" level or is it all just action-reaction? I love animals and want a more enlightened view of the […]


Seth On the Role of Violence in Creation

by Pete on September 7, 2013

Seth is a non-physical entity or personality channeled by Jane Roberts and recorded by her husband, Robert Butts. Both are now deceased. In a sense, they’re now ghosts talking to us from beyond the veil of time as are many authors of old. Take what you like and leave the rest. – Pete Now. Children […]

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The Only Standard of Good

April 15, 2013

The Twelve are teachers and guides who share their nonphysical perspective on life, love, Law of Attraction (LOA), how it works, and why we are here.The way they teach is called the Yoga of Positive Thought. Twelve Insight Journal, March 17, 2013 If you had the opportunity to be anything that you wished, what would […]

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Seth: Purpose of Life

October 23, 2010

The purpose (of life) is the expansion of consciousness itself, and this automatically leads to the knowledge that every consciousness is connected to every other, and that any harm to one is harm to all. A quote from “The Early Sessions, Book 8“, A Seth Book by by Jane Roberts, Session 357, Page 96. Current copyright […]

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