Seth on the Purpose of Life

The Seth material, channeled by Jane Roberts and recorded by Robert Butts, represent a philosophy of empowerment. It is the first time I’ve read material that touched my soul. Almost every sentence in Seth Speaks, the first Seth book I read in December, 1977, set off, what I can only describe as mental orgasms of recognition. He said things I “knew” inwardly but could not express outwardly.

Excerpts from the Seth material are published with permission from the current copyright holder, Laurel Davies-Butts. Please note that when Seth refers to “Rubert”, he’s referring to Jane and when he uses the name, Joseph, he’s referring to Rob or Robert Butts, Jane’s husband before she died in 1984. Seth books can be purchased from all major book sellers and E-books, as they are completed, can be purchased from Amazon for Kindle.

 Now, each whole self, or multidimensional personality, has its own purposes, mission, and creative endeavors that are initial and basic parts of itself and that determine those qualities that make it eternally valid and eternally seeking. We are finally free to utilize our energy in those directions. We face many challenges of quite momentous nature, […]


Seth On the Role of Violence in Creation

by Pete on September 7, 2013

Seth is a non-physical entity or personality channeled by Jane Roberts and recorded by her husband, Robert Butts. Both are now deceased. In a sense, they’re now ghosts talking to us from beyond the veil of time as are many authors of old. Take what you like and leave the rest. – Pete Now. Children […]

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Seth: Purpose of Life

by Pete on October 23, 2010

The purpose (of life) is the expansion of consciousness itself, and this automatically leads to the knowledge that every consciousness is connected to every other, and that any harm to one is harm to all. A quote from “The Early Sessions, Book 8“, A Seth Book by by Jane Roberts, Session 357, Page 96. Current copyright […]