Seth on What Reality Is

The Seth material, channeled by Jane Roberts and recorded by Robert Butts, represent a philosophy of empowerment. It is the first time I’ve read material that touched my soul. Almost every sentence in Seth Speaks, the first Seth book I read in December, 1977, set off, what I can only describe as mental orgasms of recognition. He said things I “knew” inwardly but could not express outwardly.

Excerpts from the Seth material are published with permission from the current copyright holder, Laurel Davies-Butts. Please note that when Seth refers to “Rubert”, he’s referring to Jane and when he uses the name, Joseph, he’s referring to Rob or Robert Butts, Jane’s husband before she died in 1984. Seth books can be purchased from all major book sellers and E-books, as they are completed, can be purchased from Amazon for Kindle.

Seth “Snippets” organized by Lynda Madden Dahl and published on her Facebook page Lynda: Hi Seth friends, we know we emerge from and are a literal part of All That Is. We know of probabilities and simultaneous time and our entity or soul. We know that matter is not concrete, but the camouflage of ideas. […]


Seth as an After Death Guide

by Pete on December 20, 2012

When Seth uses the name, “Rubert”, he’s referring to Jane. According to Seth, Rubert is Jane’s larger self. Since Jane’s husband, Rob is recording this Session, Seth is talking to him. – Pete At one time—in your terms—I myself acted as such a guide; as in a sleep state Ruburt now follows the same road. […]


The universe will begin yesterday. The universe began tomorrow. Both of these statements are quite meaningless. The tenses are wrong, and perhaps your time sense is completely outraged. Yet the statement: ‘The universe began in some distant past,’ is, in basic terms, just as meaningless. In fact, the first two statements, while making no logical […]


Seth on Darwinism and Fundamentalism

October 4, 2012

The latest growth of fundamentalist religion has arisen as a countermeasure against the theories of evolution. You have, then, an overcompensation, for in the Darwinian world there was no meaning and no LAWS (underlined). There were no standards of right or wrong, so that large portions of the people felt rootless. The [fundamentalists] returned to […]

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Seth – All Physical Matter Exists First as an Idea

September 21, 2012

Bear with me, for some new background material is necessary here. All physical matter exists first as an idea or mental image. The idea or mental image has its own reality, and is charged with energy, and this energy can never be withdrawn. You only accept data when it appears within the physical camouflage system. […]

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