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What I Believe About the Nature of Being and Creation

Please note the use of “Being and Creation” throughout my writing. I use this dual concept as a replacement for the word “life.” The term “life,” as we use it in the world, fails to take into account that awareness in energy, or consciousness, is the Source and Substance of All That Is. In other words, I believe that our concept of what constitutes “life” is far too limiting. According to Albert Einstein, “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” And I agree!

Unhappy with life, I wanted to find a better way. Buried beneath a mountain of fear and negative beliefs, it took me time to uncover truths that lie deep within all of us. During my struggle to find greater truth, I encountered numerous seen and unseen partners who were willing to help me on my journey. Little did I know that hidden deep within us all, powerful impulses rise and fall. Like a beating heart, hey repeat themselves endlessly. Hidden in the shadows of our experience, they are difficult to find but well worth the effort. One such impulse is the desire to seek the greatest understanding and serve the highest good. For me, it is more than just an impulse, it is my friend.

Moving Beyond Fear, Anger, and Depression


In the Beginning There Was Nothing


You Create Your Own Reality




We Create Our Own Reality

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