Seth on Who We Are

The Seth material, channeled by Jane Roberts and recorded by Robert Butts, represent a philosophy of empowerment. It is the first time I’ve read material that touched my soul consistently. Almost every sentence in Seth Speaks, the first Seth book I read in December, 1977, set off, what I can only describe as mental orgasms of recognition. He said things I “knew” inwardly but could not express outwardly.

Excerpts from the Seth material are published with permission from the current copyright holder, Laurel Davies-Butts. Please note that when Seth refers to “Rubert”, he’s referring to Jane and when he uses the name, Joseph, he’s referring to Rob or Robert Butts, Jane’s husband before she died in 1984. Seth books can be purchased from most major book sellers and E-books, as they are completed, can be purchased from Amazon for Kindle.

Now, dear friends, there is never any justification for war, and there is never any justification for killing. It is true that basically there is no death, but this can not be used as an excuse within your sense-system. You have created death within your system. Since you have created it you are left to […]


(Session begins and ends at the Ouija board. But, Jane mostly dictates. To begin we sat silently at the board, hands on the pointer. As was usual now Jane began to hear Seth within almost immediately. After taking a few words through the board she laid it aside and began to dictate. Her eyes darkened […]

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(A good one!!! – Oceanside Rick) None Of You Are Physical; That Which Is Enduring Is Not Physical .. Consciousness Is The Force Behind Matter. You are like children, in your terms, with a game, and you think that the game is played by everyone. Physical life is not the rule. Identity and consciousness existed […]


Seth On Evil, Competition, Cooperation and Value Fulfillment

May 27, 2013

Most (people) can be consid­ered idealists in one way or another by themselves or others. Yet certainly (there are many) social and political realities that are far from ideal. (Many) beliefs … undermine your private integrity as individu­als, and contribute to the very definite troubles current in the mass world. Evil and Competition Very few […]

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Seth On Secular, Religious and Natural Law

May 27, 2013

Secular Law The law in your country says that you are innocent until proven guilty. In the eyes of that law, then, you are each innocent until a crime is proven against you. There usually must also be witnesses. There are other considerations. Often a spouse cannot testify against the other. Opportunity and motive must […]

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Seth – I Am a Poor Imitation of the Voices of Your Own Psyches

May 25, 2013

(One of Seth’s students asked him about his discomfort with the woman he’s dating because she doesn’t know of Seth’s ideas.) Now there are people who are quite involved with my ideas who do not know my name. There are people quite content with their lot and they do not know my name. They know […]

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Seth – (After Death) There Are Always Guides to Help You

December 5, 2012

You may, after death, utterly refuse to believe that you are dead, and continue to focus your emotional energy toward those you have known in life. If you have been obsessed with a particular project, for example, you may try to complete it. There are always guides to help you understand your situation, but you […]

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Seth – Man as Much God-Stuff as Earth-Stuff

November 21, 2012

In your terms, the inner world does represent Idea Potential as yet unrealized — but those ideas and those potentials DO NOT exist outside of consciousness. They are ideals set in the heart of man, yet in other terms, he is the one who also put them there, out of the deeper knowledge of his […]

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Seth on the Personality’s Innate Need to Feel Life Has a Purpose

October 27, 2012

In your society, it is generally thought that a person must have a decent livelihood, a family or other close relationships, good health, and a sense of belonging if the individual is to be at all productive, happy, or content. Better social programming, greater job opportunities, health plans or urban projects, are often considered the […]

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Seth on Christ’s Message

November 27, 2010

The message of the Christ entity was, in religious terms “You are all children of God—the ‘sinner’ as well as the saint.” Indeed, according to the original Christ thesis, while a man could sin, no man was identified as a sinner. He was not identified with his failures or limitations, but instead with his potential. […]

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