Meet My Inner Self or Oversoul, Robert

by Pete on April 27, 2018

“Lao Tzu fell asleep and dreamt he was a butterfly. Upon wakening he asked, Am I a man who has just been dreaming he was a butterfly? Or a sleeping butterfly now dreaming he is a man?” Robert, Part 1 June 3, 1980 3:00 A.M. Waking up as a young boy in a dream, I […]


…becoming‎‎ Roger Peterson‎ to Sharon Wasileski (6-29-2016): Sometimes it’s important to restate the obvious. As individuals and nations, the longer we measure success with material values like money, power and privilege, instead of spiritual values like love, truth and joy, the greater social instability will become. We prove this every time another politician succumbs to […]


How Tim Kaine is signaling that he’ll be ‘an asset with banking interests on the fundraising trail’ Published on Thursday, July 21, 2016 by Common Dreams by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer Sounding another alarm for progressives wary of the Democratic establishment’s support for Wall Street, the man said to be leading the pack of […]

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End Discrimination for Profit and Power

October 18, 2015

Republication of Mar. 12, 2014 article by Laura Clawson on Daily Kos entitled: Paul Ryan says men in ‘inner cities’ aren’t ‘even thinking about working’   Rep. Paul Ryan’s effort to brand himself as a Republican anti-poverty crusader continues. The House Budget Committee chair and former Republican vice-presidential nominee went on Bill Bennett’s radio show […]

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Not One More Dime for Political Campaigns!

July 1, 2014

Please indulge me while I argue in favor of voting – Pete, a beleaguered political donor. 🙂 I don’t know about you but I’m damn tired of being asked to donate money by political parties, Super-Pacs and individual campaigns from a rapidly growing number of states when so many people are hungry and homeless. Every […]

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Thom Hartmann – It’s Time to Fix the System

May 15, 2014

(From Thom Hartmann’s Blog o4/2014: Last year, median CEO pay jumped to $10.5 million dollars – an increase of about 13 percent. However, most workers didn’t see their paychecks go up by a single dime. According to an analysis by USA Today, corporate executives scored huge pay bumps thanks to big gains in the […]

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Unconditional Love, A Viable Strategy for Change?

March 17, 2014

“Nothing you can ever think, feel, say or do can keep you from being loved unconditionally.” – the Voice of Unconditional Love during my Encounter with Unconditional Love on Mt. St. Helena in late 1985. What frame of mind, what perspective, what beliefs, attitudes, values and expectations make this form of energy, this state of […]

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To Change Others, Change Yourself

March 4, 2014 How true, Daisaku! I find myself constantly adjusting and readjusting the way I perceive and relate to people and things, which includes me. It reminds me of a dream I once had. It’s called: Genesis – A Lucid Creation Dream. I awoke in this dream, naked, and in total darkness. To move safely, I used my […]

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Questions for Banking and Government

January 23, 2014

My wife, Sandra, and I are financial supporters of the Public Banking Institute (PBI) in Sonoma, California. As a result of my thoughts during conversations with PBI representatives, and since I’m not attending the June PBI conference in Detroit, I was asked to write my thoughts down so other public banking supporters could read them. – Pete What […]

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Economics and Change Discussion

January 5, 2014

Ron Brassfield, 12/31/2013, in response to the article: Carroll Quigley on the History of Money and Banking In his magnum opus book, Tragedy and Hope, A History of the World in Our Time,  Georgetown Professor J. Carroll Quigley made many telling comments about the world-ruling financial cabal, including this remark, “The growth of financial capitalism […]

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