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“Be Still and Know”

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

Both of these ideas can be found in most bibles. I don’t know about you, but to me they both offer sage advice. “Be still and know” tells me to open my heart and mind to greater awareness and understanding. I can do that! What about you? The second suggestion is a little more complicated. To do unto others as we would have them do unto us requires that we figure out what that is.

What’s the most direct way to approach this? Why not start with questions? For example, what if you ask me what I want most from you and I ask you, what you want most from me? What do I want most from you? Here is my answer. What I want most from you is love and understanding. Put another way, you could say I want to be loved and valued. Who doesn’t?

Now, what do you want most from me? If you don’t know for sure right now, think about it. Sleep on it. Be still and know. Take as much time as you need, until you know in your heart that you have the right answer. In other words, refuse to settle for short term, frivolous answers. Go for the big kahuna. You’ll know it when  you find it.

Here’s another line of thought I find exciting. It came to me as a voice in my mind several years after I asked my larger, Inner Self the question, what is my deepest Feeling Tone, my greatest impulse in Being and Creation? The answer I received was: Seek the greatest understanding and serve the highest good.

I can’t think of a higher ideal. Can you? And to think it came from inside of me was a revelation because when I was five years old, I was told by a nun in catechism class that all of human kind are “born in sin.” Why? Because according to the Story of Creation in the bible, all humans are descendants of Adam and Eve who disobeyed God’s command not to “eat of the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil in the middle of the Garden of Eden.” Speaking with the authority of the Catholic Church, she added, “And, you cannot trust your flesh because it will always betray you.”

This experience was so traumatizing I refused to go to school two days later (for more on this, read, What I learned in Catholic School). At the age of eleven, I began having the same nightmare about once a year that continued to trouble me into my mid-forties. It’s title, My Recurring Superman Nightmare.

Why did I have these particular experiences? Was I trying to teach myself something? Was there something  I wanted to learn? Was I a victim or a willing participant in these subjective and objective dramas or experiences? Are these fair questions to ask myself? After all, I was only five years old in catholic school.

I think it is entirely fair for me to ask myself these questions for two reasons. First, it gives me a sense of power to accept some measure of responsibility for the creation of these experiences for they were truly extraordinary. Second, by accepting my share of responsibility for the creation of these experiences, I give myself the opportunity to learn from them.

What did I learn? I learned that I can be as alive in dreams as I am in waking reality, if I choose to be. It’s all a matter of focus and attention. If I value dreams enough to explore them, I’ve discovered that there is much I can learn. I learned that not only can I create bodies and objects instantaneously in dreams, I have “inner senses” that allow me to think, feel, act and react, just like my outer senses in waking reality. It can even be possible that my outer senses are extensions of my inner ones, and that my inner state of consciousness may be my natural one.

What if we’re much more than we currently give ourselves credit for? Should we be exploring this possibility? Can it be that disruptive behavior like endless war, limitless greed, political corruption, unchecked population growth, increasing poverty, hunger, environmental degradation and climate change are talking to us, that they’re telling us to make adjustments? Again, what are we trying to teach ourselves? What do we want to learn about ourselves and All That Is?


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have been giving a lot of our attention to the way that you either congratulate someone who has accomplished something, or in contrast, at times you feel jealous. At times, you look for the failure of another to give you a certain sense that things are better in your world. You have been in a paradigm where you’ve been playing a game of limitation. That game of limitation has been ingrained into your minds.

What that means is, you tend to believe that there is only so much to go around. ‘If this person over here becomes successful, then I must be less likely to be a success in that field.’ That is the mentality that you were raised in. That is what you’ve been taught. You’ve been taught to compete against one another, and you’ve been taught about winning and losing, but now is the time for all of you to look for more opportunities to collaborate with each other.

Now is an excellent time for all of you to see another’s success as your own success, because you are all connected. Now is a good time for you to remind yourselves that if someone else can do something, then they are opening the door for you to be able to do it as well. We suggest that you look for reasons to feel better about where you are on your journey.

For example, if you have not yet experienced success in some endeavor in your life, then you still have that to look forward to. You still have the joy of the journey in front of you, and you are fare more likely to make that journey, all the way to that pinnacle that you want to reach, if you are celebrating the successes of others. When you are focused on success, you will vibrate in that particular frequency. When you see someone else’s success as shining a spotlight on your failures, then you will continue to vibrate in harmony with failure, by your own definition, whatever that is.

So celebrate the success of your human counterparts there, and realize that there is always enough for everyone, and we mean enough of everything. No shortage. No limitation. You have to let go of those concepts now, because it serves you to do so.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Channeled by Daniel Scranton at https://danielscranton.com

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Telepathy Is An Intimate, Innate Ability Within All Cells: To Study Psychology Exclusively In Terms Of The Brain’s Effect Upon The Physical Body Is Limiting: The Validity Of An Actuality Is Not To Be Determined By Its Appearance Within Matter Alone.

The Early Sessions, Book 3 of The Seth Material, by Jane Roberts and Robert Butts, Session 121

“Good evening.”

“I wanted to add here that evidences for those other fields of actuality can be found even within the body itself; that is, within he physical body. But these evidences are not recognized for what they are, attempts being made to the contrary to fit these into the framework of conventional knowledge, where indeed they fit but poorly.

“Also, such placement of them is misleading when other deductions are drawn. Such evidences of other actualities could serve as important clues, which if followed could then begin to unravel the secrets which are secrets merely because of man’s refusal to pursue them.

“These clues could lead to proper understanding, so that it would be known that the physical body does exist in many fields of actuality, and through the study of various portions of the body many glimmerings could be received concerning the various fields of actuality themselves.

“To study the human body from only the physical standpoint, or to consider it as exclusively a physical phenomenon, is to severely limit your perception of it, and of reality as a whole. To study psychology exclusively in the terms of the brain’s effect upon the physical body is likewise hampering and limiting, for the brain is merely that portion of, that very small portion, of the mind which is apparent within matter. As such within your physical field the brain is subject to the laws of your field. The mind, having its existence within the scope of the physical field but independent of it, is a much more fruitful subject for study, and not of course study through means of physical instruments or of operations performed. In any case the mind cannot be found by such procedures.

“The mind will be found to be closely allied with the spacious present.. The mind’s capabilities, if studied, would lead man into a realization of these other fields of actuality of which I have spoken. The mind deals with intangibles, but it does not deal with unrealities. Again, the validity of an actuality is not to be determined by its appearance within matter alone. The ingredients of matter are first of all intangible ingredients, and the study of the mind and a study of the processes by which the mind creates its dream images could lead to a basic understanding of the manner in which man subconsciously produces the physical images of his own material universe.

“This study alone would involve an introduction into a knowledge of other fields of actuality. Biology has made many strides, but it must finally be concerned with the intangible which is behind all organisms, and it will be forced to the initiation of an entirely new field, along the lines of basic organic psychology. It will be forced to recognize the innate ability of all cells for what we may call telepathy, for there will be no other solution in answering many questions.

“In the most simple of living structures telepathy is a necessity for communication, particularly before the inside energy is concentrated sufficiently to form any sort of more complicated pattern or nerve structure. Even when such nerve structures and physical complications are evolved telepathy operates, still a necessity as a communications system within the physical structure, and still handling data which cannot be carried through any physical medium, simply because it is untranslatable by its nature into physical materialization.

“These points are all extremely important. Much will be said yet to clarify the term telepathy itself, since there are many types, which you should be able to see from what I have said. This in itself is a complicated subject, and yet when I am finished it will be shown that telepathy is an intimate, innate ability within all cells.”


The Early Sessions, Book 3 of The Seth Material, Session 119. Posted Online by Oceanside Rick

Seth: “The Inner Ego (Self) is the Organizing Principle within the Subconscious. Because Its Attention and Focus is Directed Elsewhere, it appears to be Dormant But, it is not. It Directs Movements of the Physical Body and it is Responsible for Physical Health.”

“Ruburt (Jane Roberts) should learn much of advantage from the book by Jung which he is reading. And I would like to mention here that I am not Jane’s animus.”

(The word was unfamiliar to me and I asked Jane [Seth] to repeat it. She did so but I still did not understand it very clearly, and decided to wait until I could refer to Jung myself. It will be recalled that in the 83rd session, August 31, 1964, [in Volume 2], Seth commented on the work of Freud and Jung, and mentioned some of the distortions Jung’s work in particular contains. – Robert Butts)

“You will understand, Joseph (Robert Butts), when you read the book.

“Jane’s animus is indeed quite a different sort of chap from myself, much more omnipotent, to Jane’s subconscious. I will indeed speak concerning the inner ego, which is the organizing principle within the subconscious., but which looks into other worlds; toward worlds in which it has its origin, and does not have awareness of itself or possess self-consciousness within the physical universe. Its attention and focus is, rather, directed elsewhere, so that it appears to be dormant. But it is not.

“It is the ego (Self) or directive consciousness behind all personified aspects of the subconscious; in dormant fashion however, and contrary to Jung’s propositions, within the subconscious and in those personified aspects of it will be found remnant memory personalities of past reincarnated selves. They may be called shadows and yet they are not powerless. The inner ego, the directive organizer of the subconscious, also is the part of the self which is familiar with activities and methods of which the outer ego is ignorant. It is this organizer who directs not only the movements of the physical body from within, but directs from within those intimate survival mechanisms, without which the physical body could not exist, and upon which the existence of the outer ego is so dependent.

“It is this inner director who maintains all of these functions, and who is responsible for the physical health. It is this director to whom you must communicate when health fails. There are ways of doing this which we will discuss at a later date. It is this inner director who chooses the dream symbols in such a way that they will be meaningful to all layers or areas of the subconscious, and who is responsible for the amount, rate and type of subconscious data which is given to the outer ego by means of the intuitions.

“If the outer ego would be content to work on an equal basis with its inner counterpart, then many severe difficulties would be sidestepped.

“The outer ego, being of later development, is jealous of its position and would have all knowledge at its fingertips. This is impossible. It cannot stand to have anything hidden, but the very mechanism of its own behavior is hidden from itself, and it knows only the feel of its own surfaces.”

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If what we think and feel doesn’t influence how we act and react, why do businesses spend so much money to convince us that the promise of their product is just what we’re looking for? Not only are products promoted overtly, they are promoted covertly. Take tobacco; when laws were passed to limit advertising for tobacco products because of the large number of deaths associated with smoking, tobacco companies not only went overseas to open new markets, they went underground by investing in movies and television shows along with alcohol and pharmaceutical companies.* By investing money to cover part of the cost of television shows and movie productions, they’re able to have smoking, drinking, and taking pills play a prominent role in the lives of the characters portrayed. They know that if we keep seeing these reaction patterns portrayed as “normal”, more of us will turn to alcohol, tobacco, and pharmaceuticals for relief from stress whether it’s real or imagined.

The message is: did you experience something the least bit traumatic? Smoke a cigarette, take a pill, or pour a drink. Better yet, have a drink, a pill, and a smoke!

* Smoking in Movies Still a Hazard, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Says:

“Nearly half of the top-grossing films of 2009 contained depictions of tobacco use….

“The figures come two years after the National Cancer Institute warned that kids greatly exposed to onscreen smoking are two times more likely to start smoking than youth with lighter exposure.”

Look at the propaganda (infotainment, faux news) business and the monopolization of corporations in the world today. Both movements are designed to intimidate and control what the public thinks and feels, so how we act and react can be controlled and manipulated. This Tower of Babel appeals mostly to those who believe in scarcity, separation, and competition for survival, those who inevitably choose money, power, and privilege as their primary measures of success. When enough of something is never enough and the end (more wealth and control of resources) justifies any means, where are understanding and morality? Where are empathy and balance? Where are honesty and integrity?

You know, I always wondered why I hated behavioral psychology, the teachings of B. F. Skinner, and Pavlovian experiments so much in school. It was about learning how to bully and manipulate others through the power of reward and punishment. To me, it demeans what and who we are. Why? Does this perspective rationalize cruelty, abuse, and greed? I think so. Taken to its extreme, reward and punishment becomes a form of torture. It turns us into robots and gives us no credit for being able to paint ourselves into and out of corners. Ultimately, it can lead to the breakdown and loss of self-esteem, the loss of self-control by individuals.

What is ironic is that every one of these thoughts and actions has its own validity. The Energy of Unconditional Love gives us the freedom to be and do whatever we choose for the sake of expansion and evolution. The kicker is whatever we choose to be or do has consequences. So the responsibility of making rules, as to how we choose to be and what we choose to do, is entirely up to us, collectively and individually. How about that? Thankfully, as eternal beings of Aware energy, we all wake up to greater awareness and understanding eventually. If not in this lifetime, in another. Thank God!

Roger Peterson “Pete” https://realtalkworld.com


“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are more than satisfied with the progress of humanity, and furthermore, we are certain that your progress will continue to impress us. Now, we know that it is easy to find the faults with where you are as a collective and to focus on them because they are right there in your face, very loud and somewhat destructive.

So your approach now to helping humanity as the light-workers you are has to be aimed at changing the way you perceive those noisy, low frequency aspects of the human collective. We invite you to see that humanity is getting all of this out of its system in preparation for the shift in consciousness. There are very old disputes that you have on planet Earth, and they actually extend back even further than when human life on Earth began.

You are there settling very old scores, and you have needed to try the old way of going about it for quite some time. Again, you need to realize what works by first realizing what does not work. Seeking to defeat the so-called enemy, no matter how bad they appear to be, will never work for humanity, and there’s a reason for that. The reason is that you are there to bring together all aspects of you so that you can become your higher selves.

You cannot bring together all of the parts if any of the parts are eliminated or destroyed. Again, we invite you to see the attempts to destroy one group of humans by another as the last gasp, the last ditch effort for certain aspects of humanity to cling to the third dimensional ways.

If you are receiving this transmission, you are not among those who wish to do this. And so again, we urge you all to be the peace, and the sanity, be the calm at the center of the storm. And in so doing, you will integrate yourselves, your human collective, and this beautiful galaxy of ours. 

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council is channeled through Daniel Scranton at https://danielscranton.com.

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“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are very interested to see how you are going to enjoy the feeling of liberation when you release yourselves from the limitations that you have placed upon yourselves. This experience is one that you only get to have once, because you will never move from such a place of limitation to such a place of liberation. It’s not possible in any of the other dimensional shifts that you will make on your journey back to Source.

The agreement that you made to be third, and now fourth, dimensional before you incarnated is one that you did not take lightly. It is one that you knew would be the ultimate challenge of existence, and now that you are closing in on letting go of all of that limitation, we can feel the excitement and the enthusiasm within you.

We want you to know that the freedom from limitation that we are talking about has nothing at all to do with money, borders, governments, or even the cabal/illuminati/whatever name they are being called in this moment. You will be the ones who lift the veil, and that will occur in the moment you truly recognize that you are infinite and eternal beings of light and love.

When you start living that truth in every moment, then nothing about your economy can keep you down. No chemtrail is strong enough to lower your vibration, and there is nothing that anyone can do, who is in one of those positions of power, that will be able to put the limitations back on you.

One of the greatest illusions that you are living under is that people outside of you have any sort of control over you. They do not decide for you whether you are in your hearts or not. That is all on you, and that is the freedom that you seek.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council is channeled through Daniel Scranton at https://danielscranton.com.

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The Seventh Door


By Spiritual Author, James Mahu

Excerpt from the book, Quantusum, written by James Mahu, Chapter 41: The Seventh Door

(James Mahu has his own unique way of interpreting the nature of Being and Creation. Still, hidden within his preferred form of symbolism is the same message, the path to inner connection and knowing is subtle and personal. “Be still and know.” – Pete)

“What did you mean earlier when you said Sonvertos have an innate access to the Creator’s subtle wisdom?”

Uncle looked away for a short time, glancing at the prairie in the far distance. “Sonvertos are human, as I said, and all humans have the power to communicate with their Creator—and I mean the Creator of their spiritual natures… their immortal souls. Sonvertos incarnate to this world for only that reason. They’re structured to communicate the simplest truths which can then be embodied in behaviors that are aligned with the Creator. They’re not interested in intellectual complexities. They’re not interested in impressing anyone. They simply know, usually at an early age, that they’re in a human body for the purpose of sharing a simple, but vital message.

“The message can come in various forms, but one element that’s consistent is that it’s not owned by anyone. No clubs, fraternities, organizations, none of the usual trappings of a hierarchical system. If you see such a thing, it’s not from the Sonverto, maybe a misguided follower wanting to grab some ego gratification or power, but not a Sonverto. This is how you can tell them apart from the Controllers.

“In my world, we know a good medicine man if he lives in a simple shack, has a good family, is generous with his belongings, and dresses without any pretense even when he performs ceremonies. He never takes credit for his healings or good work because he knows that he’s a conduit of the Creator, the Wakan Tanka and nothing more.

“Sonvertos contemplate the Great Mystery, but more than this, they don’t simply read books and acquire their knowledge from others. They read nature, they read energy, they read the seventh direction.”

“What’s the seventh direction?”

“You have your usual directions: east, west, south and north. And you have your sky, which is up, and your earth, which is down. That’s six directions. The seventh direction is within. It is the most important. The Controllers focus on controlling the six directions, while the Sonvertos focus on opening humanity to the seventh direction.”


Uncle smiled. “Because it’s the one place the Controllers can’t control.”

“Why can’t they control the seventh direction, if they can control the other six?”

“Because the seventh direction is the sacred way in which the Creator—the Great Mystery moves into the physical universe. The movement is always one-to-one. Creator to individual. Some people have allowed the Controllers to substitute their own image of a God, in effect, replacing the Great Mystery with the small faith. It’s not so much control as it is a form of magic like a shell game. It’s all about distraction.

“Controllers are very good at two things: one, forming distractions so people grow to be predictable and easy to manage; and two, providing substitutions for the Real that, over time, become real to most people.”

“I don’t understand,” I said, “why don’t people stop them, or boot them off our planet, or seal the passages they use to get into our world?”

Kohana touched my arm gently. “One thing Nammu told you is true; they are a very ancient race. They operate in a different spacetime, and the oldest of our records show them to be our gods… they know all about us, because they’ve created the game in which we play, and they’ve been observing us since we began on this planet. We can’t simply put the genie back into its bottle and toss it into space and wipe our hands of them.

“The Controllers may have created the game that humanity plays, but there is a bigger game being played out than one planet and a collection of races we call humanity. In this bigger game there’re larger players, more at stake, and this is where we focus. We don’t try to battle the Controllers, we honor them and their role, we avoid their distractions, and we withdraw our energy from them.”

“How can you honor them? If they’re anything like Nammu, they’re a bunch of sophisticated thugs and nothing more.”

Uncle cleared his throat as if attracting my attention. “Honor is our word for accept. If we battle them, then we’re trying to control the Controllers. We become like them. We don’t want to control anything, even the seventh direction.”

“But if they’ve created the game,” I asked, “and that game includes war, the destruction of earth’s resources, genocide… is the only option to roll over and let them continue with their evil?”

“It’s not the only option,” Uncle replied, “some will battle the pawns of the Controllers—the human face, but these are not the real Controllers. The real manipulators can’t be battled. They’re invisible. They live out of our reach, so why would we battle their pawns? We can only teach about the seventh direction. That is why we’re here.”

“It sounds so passive…” I whispered.

“It’s passive only when you think in terms of battle,” Kohana said. His tone slightly irritated. “We actively teach. We actively show people how to live aligned to nature. We actively demonstrate how to connect with our Creator. People must have the desire to awaken; we can’t force them to wake up.”

“And where do they get this desire?” I asked. “Everything you’ve said about the Controllers is that they’ve deceived us and kept us distracted. So where do people get the desire to even consider the seventh direction?”

Kohana looked to Uncle with a face of quiet frustration.

“The Creator of our universe is wise, do you agree?” Uncle asked.

“If some intelligence created the universe,” I replied, “it would have to be intelligent on a whole different scale. So, yes, if there’s a Creator of our universe, it would have to be wise.”

“If our Creator is wise,” Uncle said, “does it also make sense that its intelligence would create attractions for the seventh direction?”

“Yes…” I said tentatively.

“These attractions are in mythology, religion, philosophy, poetry, art, nature, even science and technology. The attractions are everywhere, just as the distractions of the Controllers are everywhere. They are competing forces for the attention of a human mind and heart.”

“What about the soul?”

“The soul is not distracted. The soul waits.”

“For what?”

“To see what the mind and heart choose.”

“And if they choose the attractions?” I asked.

“Then the soul engages in the mind and heart of the individual and becomes an active partner of the individual.”

“And if they choose distractions?”

“The soul waits for the opportunity to show itself. It’s like a man and a mirror in the forest. The man walks a hundred different paths in the forest, and one day he notices some movement in his side vision, and he turns to see a reflection of himself. If he walks a single step one way or the other, his reflection is gone. It is only when the man is in a precise place that he notices his reflection in the mirror.

“This is the way of the seventh door.”

“You changed to door instead of direction,” I pointed out.

Uncle nodded, but remained silent.

“What is this precise place?”

“For everyone it’s different. It’s part of the Great Mystery how the Creator attracts each individual. It can be a dream, a night sky, a person’s story… .” I felt Uncle look deep into my eyes. “It can be a bear… but how it’s done is without formula or a crystallized process. It’s organic, evolving moment to moment, lightly guided, and each step is a preparation.“

End of Excerpt.

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“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have been exploring the possibilities that are in front of humanity at this time, and we can see how many choices you have to move to a better feeling timeline. We see that the current state of affairs on planet Earth is actually urging you to choose one of those better feeling timelines. But the way to access those timelines is not to point out what is wrong with your current state of affairs on Earth.

We encourage you to feel what you feel, but you don’t need to keep pointing out how bad things are, and it actually is not serving you to do so. The solution to the problems of your modern society is always to go within, and the way that you access that timeline that you want to be on is to harmonize with it. Now, what we are telling you right now is that you are not as far away from a much better feeling timeline than you might think.

Humanity is making tremendous strides forward, and those tremendous strides are the result of everything that you see in your world that is unfair, that is downright wrong. It is all there to act as a catalyst for each of you to get within and to find what it is that you want. Now, we are speaking especially to those of you who are awakened, because you know how to do this.

You knew the moment you realized that you could create your reality that a better world was possible. You knew that you didn’t need to rely on politicians, governments, banks, or corporations to change. When you first had that knowing, you got very excited, and you thought you would see change sooner than later. And now here you are, and some of you have been at this for decades, which is why we want to assure you that you are close to those timelines.

You have the support from your fellow humans. You have the support energetically. You have the support from those like us in the higher realms, and you have more support than you ever have. So don’t give up hope. Go within and find that vibration, and you will see the changes that you want to see in the world around you.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”


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That war is a racket has been told us by many, but rarely by one of this stature. Though he wrote the landmark book War is a Racket in 1935, the highly decorated U.S. General Smedley Butler (two esteemed Medals of Honor) deserves to be heralded for this timeless message, which rings true today more than ever. Below is an engaging two-page summary.

WAR IS A RACKET – by General Smedley Butler

War is a racket. It always has been. It is possibly the oldest, easily the most profitable, surely the most vicious. It is the only one in which the profits are reckoned in dollars and the losses in lives. In the World War [World War I] a mere handful garnered the profits of the conflict.

At least 21,000 new millionaires and billionaires were made in the United States during the World War. That many admitted huge gains in their income tax returns. How many other war millionaires falsified their tax returns no one knows. [Please note these are 1935 U.S. dollars. To adjust for inflation, multiply all figures X 15 or more]


The World War cost the United States some $52 billion. That means $400 [over $6,000 in today’s dollars] to every American man, woman, and child. The normal yearly profits of a business concern in the U.S. are 6 to 12%. But war-time profits, that is another matter – 60, 100, 300, and even 1,800% – the sky is the limit. Uncle Sam has the money. Let’s get it. Of course, it isn’t put that crudely in war time. It is dressed into speeches about patriotism, love of country, and "we must all put our shoulders to the wheel," but the profits jump, leap, and skyrocket – and are safely pocketed.

Take our friends the du Ponts, the powder people. The average pre-war earnings of the du Ponts for the period 1910 to 1914 were $6 million a year. Now let’s look at their average yearly profit during the war years, 1914 to 1918. $58 million a year profit we find! Nearly ten times that of normal times, and the profits of normal times were pretty good. An increase in profits of more than 950%.

Take one of our steel companies. Their 1910-1914 yearly earnings averaged $6 million. Then came the war. And, like loyal citizens, Bethlehem Steel promptly turned to munitions making. Did their profits jump? Well, their 1914-1918 average was $49 million a year! Or, let’s take United States Steel. The normal earnings during the five-year period prior to the war were $105 million a year. Then along came the war and up went the profits. The average yearly profit for the period 1914-1918 was $240 million. Not bad.

They sold your Uncle Sam 20 million mosquito nets for the use of the soldiers overseas. Well, not one of these mosquito nets ever got to France! There were pretty good profits in mosquito netting, even if there were no mosquitoes in France. When the war was over some 4 million sets of equipment – knapsacks and the things that go to fill them – crammed warehouses on this side. Now they are being scrapped because the regulations have changed the contents. But the manufacturers collected their wartime profits on them.

If anyone had the cream of the profits it was the bankers. Being partnerships rather than incorporated organizations, they do not have to report to stockholders. Their profits were as secret as they were immense.How the bankers made their millions and their billions I do not know, because those little secretsnever become public – even before a Senate investigatory body. It has been estimated that the war cost your Uncle Sam $52 billion [nearly $1 trillion with inflation]. Of this sum, $39 billion was expended in the actual war itself. This expenditure yielded $16 billion in profits. That is how the 21,000 billionaires and millionaires got that way. This $16 billion in profits is not to be sneezed at. It is quite a tidy sum. And it went to a very few.


Who provides these nice little profits of 20, 100, 300, 1,500 and 1,800 per cent? We all pay them – in taxation. But the soldier pays the biggest part of the bill. If you don’t believe this, visit the American cemeteries on the battlefields abroad. Or visit any of the veteran’s hospitals in the United States. On a tour of the country, I visited 18 government hospitals for veterans. In them are a total of about 50,000 destroyed men – men who were the pick of the nation 18 years ago. Mortality among veterans is three times as great as those who stayed at home.

Boys with a normal viewpoint were taken out of the offices, factories, and classrooms and put into the ranks. There they were remolded. They were made to "about face," to regard murder as the order of the day.They were put through mass psychology and entirely changed. We trained them to think nothing at all of killing or of being killed. Then, suddenly, we discharged them and told them to make another "about face!" This time they had to do their own readjustment. We didn’t need them any more. Many of these fine young boys are eventually destroyed, mentally, because they could not make that final "about face" alone.

Beautiful ideals were painted for our boys who were sent out to die. This was the "war to end all wars." This was the "war to make the world safe for democracy." No one mentioned to them that their going and their dying would mean huge war profits. No one told these American soldiers that they might be shot down by bullets made by their own brothers here. No one told them that their ships might be torpedoed by submarines built with United States patents. They were just told it was to be a "glorious adventure."


Well, it’s a racket, all right. A few profit – and the many pay. But there is a way to stop it. You can’t end it by disarmament conferences. You can’t eliminate it by peace parleys at Geneva. Well-meaning but impractical groups can’t wipe it out by resolutions. Steps must be taken to smash the war racket. We must take the profit out of war. And we must limit our military forces to home defense purposes.

I am not a fool as to believe that war is a thing of the past. I know the people do not want war, but there is no use in saying we cannot be pushed into another war. Woodrow Wilson was re-elected president in 1916 on a platform that he had "kept us out of war." Yet, five months later he asked Congress to declare war on Germany. In that five-month interval the people had not been asked whether they had changed their minds. Then what caused our government to change its mind so suddenly? Money.

An allied commission came over shortly before the war declaration and called on the President. The President summoned a group of advisers. The head of the commission spoke. Stripped of its diplomatic language, this is what he told the President and his group: "There is no use kidding ourselves any longer. The cause of the allies is lost. We now owe you (American bankers, American munitions makers, American manufacturers, American speculators, American exporters) five or six billion dollars. If we lose (and without the help of the US we must lose) we, England, France and Italy, cannot pay back this money. So…"

Had secrecy been outlawed as far as war negotiations, and had the press been invited to be present at that conference, America never would have entered the war. But this conference, like all war discussions, was shrouded in utmost secrecy. When our boys were sent off, they were told it was a "war to make the world safe for democracy" and a "war to end all wars." Very little has been accomplished to assure us that the World War was really the war to end all wars. Disarmament conferences don’t mean a thing. At all these conferences, lurking in the background are the sinister agents of those who profit by war. They see to it that these conferences do not seriously limit armaments. So … I say, TO HELL WITH WAR!

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