Like most people growing up, I read comic books. I even read some after I grew up! One DC comic book series featured a Golem and defined it as a powerful, mythical being made out of clay that came to life when a good Jew was wronged by some evil being or event. Its role […]


Introduction What if the Energy of Unconditional Love was a living form of energy like you and me and you could talk to it? You could ask it questions. What do you think it would say if you asked: Unconditional Love, what is your role in Being and Creation? What can you tell me about […]


Questions whispered throughout the consciousness of All That Is. What are we? How are we? Who are we? What is reality? What is the purpose of Being and Creation? What do we know that we don’t know we know? What can we do that we don’t know we can do? Where do we begin and […]


Meet My Inner Self or Oversoul, Robert

April 27, 2018

“Lao Tzu fell asleep and dreamt he was a butterfly. Upon wakening he asked, Am I a man who has just been dreaming he was a butterfly? Or a sleeping butterfly now dreaming he is a man?” Robert, Part 1 June 3, 1980 3:00 A.M. Waking up as a young boy in a dream, I […]

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Action, A Remedy for Despair?

April 19, 2018

C Lee Fitzg, April 16 at 2:42pm “I have no idea what I’m doing with my life . . .”, April 19: Being true to ourselves is to be the selves we love to be, doing what we love to do. Does this idea make sense to you? Can you feel how it puts […]

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The Role of Unconditional Love and Why It Is Necessary

December 8, 2017

Regarding the role of and need for Unconditional Love, the following is what makes the most sense to me. It is what works best and makes me happiest. What makes the most sense to you? What works best and makes you happiest? Unconditional Love knows that for awareness and action (Consciousness, Being and Creation) to […]

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Thank You on Thanksgiving

November 23, 2017

Thank you and All That Is for the opportunity to live, love, learn and evolve – not only as a human being exploring the nature of Being and Creation, but also as an ever-present, multidimensional, vibrational Being of Aware Energy, both one with, and separate from, you and All That Is. Happy Thanks Giving! Roger […]

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From A Place of Love, Truth, and Joy

November 4, 2017

Conscious Creators – choosing to come from a place of love, truth, and joy. Why? Because unconditional love is unconditional acceptance. It lets us breathe and sets us free to explore and find ourselves without conflict and judgment. It frees us to learn the difference between what we like and don’t like, what works for […]

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The Secret to Happiness

October 25, 2017

Seth: “Now, happiness comes from feeling within yourself the wonder and the joy that is within yourself, and there is no other way in any world of experiencing happiness. You cannot expect a lover to give it to you, you cannot expect a child to give it to you, you cannot expect events to give […]

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Thoughts and Questions After Waking Up Today, 10-23-2017

October 23, 2017

I love to play with ideas because I see them as the building blocks of creation. I test drive them to see where they take me. If I like the ride and think I can learn more, I’ll ride them again. If they become particularly important to me, I make them my friends. One of […]

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