Ask Value Questions and Listen for Intuitive Answers

by Pete on September 12, 2009

Source of CreationBy Roger A. “Pete” Peterson

(Value Questions assume that Consciousness (Energetic Awareness) is the source and substance of All That Is, that awareness and energy interact as one to create everywhere and become everything.)

In desperate moments, many of us seek help from “God” or a source of consciousness outside our own. By asking Value Questions, questions concerning things we want to know, and listening for Intuitive Answers, we take this process one step further by acknowledging two things. First, we acknowledge we have intuitive abilities, and second, we acknowledge there is consciousness outside the reality we know. This action forms a bridge that enables us to receive answers to important questions from other areas or levels of consciousness. To activate this ability, open your heart and your mind. Believe, be patient and practice.

To illustrate this process, imagine you have an unforeseen charge on your bank account. What do you do? You call the bank to ask why you were charged extra and how you can avoid penalties in the future. Asking Value Questions and listening for Intuitive Answers operates the same way. You start by formulating questions that reflect exactly what you want to know (keep your questions pro-active or growth oriented). Decide who (which entity or level of consciousness) can best answer your question. Then imaginatively dial up or focus on this entity until you feel a strong connection. Ask your question and listen for answers. It’s a simple process but you may need to practice letting go of the outer world to tune into the inner one. Your level of belief in the reality of this process is also important.

Here’s an example from my list of questions. I was new to this at the time so my questions may seem stilted: Inner Self, what has the greatest meaning in my life and how can I have more fun doing it than I can possibly imagine? To my mind, the Inner Self is the same as my Higher Self. I think of it as the larger, intuitive part of my being that operates below physical  perception or behind the scenes. This contact was easy but some offer a greater challenge. For example, when I asked All That Is a question, it took me several minutes just to work my mind around the concept of All That Is. I felt like a snake slowly engulfing a large animal. Once I established a strong connection with the energy of All That Is though, I received some startling and challenging answers.

Once a question is formulated, it’s important to put yourself into a relaxed state of consciousness before directing it to the source of your choice. Imagine you’re talking to a friend. You would expect your friend to answer your question if they could, wouldn’t you?

When we understand that Consciousness (Energetic Awareness or Aware Energy) is the spark behind all creation, everything becomes possible, which includes  asking questions of subtler, Inner Sources of knowledge and information, like Earth Consciousness, Human Consciousness (the collective consciousness of all human beings), God, Allah, or All That Is. Even though names are only word labels they serve as meaningful identifiers. They help you focus on whatever aspect of consciousness you want to. When I think “Tom” and “Jane”,  I think about  my brother and his wife, even though there are many Toms and Jane’s in the world. By using labels as identifiers, we can direct questions to any aspect of consciousness we choose and get answers from them in the form of telepathic or symbolic (experiential) messages. We’re only limited by our imagination and what we choose to believe about ourselves.

If you meditate or study dreams, and you strongly believe that consciousness and energy interact to form All That Is, you may receive answers as soon as you ask a question. In some cases, answers may come to you in the morning when you wake up or over the course of several days as complete thoughts, which just “pop” into your head at odd moments. Some answers are triggered by experiences in waking reality. There are many ways spiritual energy communicates with us when we’re open to receive it.

I say “valuable” because for every valuable inner source of information there are many less evolved entities happy to lead us astray. It is important for us to be clear about who we want answers from and the quality of the answers we’re willing to accept. Not only is it important for us to seek out the best sources of knowledge we can find, it’s important for us to challenge the answers we get to make sure they create the kind of experience we want. When someone has a bad experience with the Ouija board it’s often because they don’t set high standards for the information they want ahead of time. They simply open themselves up to whatever comes. In some cases, they even expect weird or “bad” things to happen for the excitement or to validate negative beliefs. It’s the same with any endeavor. If we don’t decide ahead of time what’s acceptable and what’s not, we open ourselves up to any outcome.

(Note regarding Inner Sources: What are thoughts? Where do they  come from and where do they go? In a lucid dream called The Ball of Light, A Lucid Dream About the Nature of Consciousness and Being, I used a highly advanced computer as a psychological prop to create lives in other times and places. In one instance, I felt the need to inject thoughts into the mind of a depressed young girl suffering from cultural limitations. The people and institutions in her life were oppressive and she needed insight and encouragement to overcome their negative impact. Planting seed thoughts in her mind in the form of suggestions and questions, I was able to nudge her in a new direction that offered her hope and promise in the future. In doing so, I couldn’t help but wonder how many of my own thoughts have come from invisible, inner sources hoping to nudge me in new directions at challenging times in my life. Can you think of any examples of this in your life?)

Several of the answers I received below made me cry as I wrote them down. Unlike many of our “official” cultural values, they contained values I wanted to live up to. They not only expressed love, they made sense! Other answers were difficult to understand, forcing me to ponder their meaning and ask more questions. When I did, I was rewarded with new understanding and new meaning that helped me move beyond old beliefs and limitations. The answers I received represent the kind of higher understanding and wisdom, the kind of guidance and direction, I’ve longed for my whole life. You can  do the same by asking your own Value Questions and listening for your own Intuitive Answers.


Inner Self, what has the greatest meaning in my life and how can I have more fun doing it than I can possibly imagine?

1) Love yourself unconditionally and appreciate yourself for the magic and wonder that you are!

2) Remove all limiting and conflicting beliefs that impede the full and joyful expression of your spontaneous* self in All That Is!

3) Be the full and joyful expression of your spontaneous self right now and always!

4) Begin to materialize the most important and stimulating project ideas that arise out of the full and joyful expression of your spontaneous self, right now!

* Spontaneity: the natural and unimpeded expression of Consciousness (Energetic Awareness). To allow spontaneity in our thoughts and actions, we must trust the goodness of what we’re doing in the moment.

Inner Self, how can I continue to operate at optimum levels of health, vitality, and performance for the rest of my life?

1) Continue to live your life with joy, eat responsibly, and exercise regularly for the rest of your life!

2) Trust all that you are to naturally operate at optimum levels of health, vitality, and performance!

3) Love yourself unconditionally, and know that your being is right within the world.

4) Continue to work with your beliefs to create even greater clarity, personal power, health and vitality.

Inner self, how can I help the members of my family achieve optimum levels of health, vitality, and performance?

1) Love the members of your family unconditionally!

2) Acknowledge the power and worth in every member of your family!

3) Trust every member of your family to naturally operate at optimum levels of health, vitality, and performance!

World, how can I help you change for the better?

1) Change yourself for the better by continuing to improve your belief system!

2) Develop a meaningful plan of action and work on actualizing it every day!

3) Believe in yourself and your own unique abilities. No one can do a better job of creating your reality than you!

4) Live by value fulfillment and practice idealism. In other words, determine the qualities of being and creation you value most, your ideals*, and actualize them to the best of your ability!

* Ideals are ideas that represent who you want to be and what you want to do most. (Everything you do must be worthy of your ideals or they become something else, something less than ideal. – Seth)

All That Is, how can I best serve you as a human being here on earth and as an eternal soul in All That Is?

1) Love both the Oneness and individuality of All That Is. In other words, love All That Is unconditionally! (See: Encounter with Unconditional Love)

2) Be who you love to be and do what you love to do to maximize your enthusiasm, joy, and success in life. In other words, be yourself to the best of your ability!

3) Be absolutely joyful about living your life, expanding your awareness, and consciously creating your reality from moment to moment!

4) Learn and teach a loving, playful, and empowering form of reality creation!

Human Consciousness, how can I experience more love, truth and joy in our relationship than I can possibly imagine?

1) Be yourself to the best of your ability!

2) Love us and accept us as we are – as living, loving, growing, and changing aspects of consciousness!

3) Stop putting conditions and limitations on our being!

4) In other words, love us unconditionally!

“Be the full and joyful expression of your spontaneous self…’, ‘ Love yourself unconditionally, and know that your being is right within the world…’,’Trust All That You Are to naturally operate at optimum levels of health, vitality, and performance.’, ‘Continue to work with your beliefs to create even greater clarity, personal power, health, and vitality.’, ‘Change yourself for the better by continuing to improve your belief system.’, ‘Acknowledge the power and worth in others (and yourself)…’, ‘Believe in yourself and your own unique abilities. No one can do a better job of creating your reality than you!’, ‘Live by value fulfillment and practice idealism.’, ‘Be who you love to be and do what you love to do to maximize your enthusiasm, joy, and success in life.’, ‘Be absolutely joyful about living your life…’, ”Be yourself to the best of your ability!’, and, ‘Stop putting conditions and limitations on our Being!”

Wow, what a radical departure from the “official” values of this world, and what a profound affirmation of our basic goodness! How many of us receive love, trust and encouragement like this from one another, society or its institutions? Much of what we get from one another, and our institutions, is the need to distrust ourselves, the need to put conditions and limitations on our being because “we’re basically bad and we can’t trust ourselves.” It’s not that any of the Intuitive Answers above are new or unheard of; it’s that they clearly emphasize love, personal power, self acceptance and spontaneity over the “official” waking world values of fear, distrust, limitation, competition and survival of the fittest. For example, read What I Learned in Catholic School.

The Intuitive Answer I found most challenging came from All That Is. It was, “Love both the Oneness and the individuality of All That Is. In other words, love All That Is unconditionally!” My first reaction was, Are you kidding me? How can I love that person who just rudely cut me off in traffic, or someone who, in their pursuit of personal wealth and power, is responsible for the death, poisoning or maiming of innocent people and the planet? As a matter of fact, I could think of countless examples of human behavior that should not be forgiven. As I considered these many, seemingly, good reasons for not loving someone, I recalled an experience that looked at this situation from another viewpoint.

That experience concerned my parents. During meditation in the mid 1980s (I was in my early to mid forties), I found myself thinking about them and the contentious relationship we had as I grew up in Maine. I couldn’t wait to join the Air Force to get away from home and school. As soon as I turned seventeen, I quit high school, joined the Air Force and I was gone.

As I thought about my parents and our unhappy times together, I began to see them in a different light (See: The Healing Power of Forgiveness). Instead of looking at life through my own eyes, I began to see it through theirs. As a result, I began to appreciate how challenging life is for all of us. I began to think about what they did for my brothers and me, not what they didn’t do. For example, they kept a roof over our heads. They kept food on the table. We had race horses, a dog, cats, goats, rabbits, and a garden every year. When I turned twelve, we sold the race horses and bought an old thirty-foot boat that had been used as a Rum Runner between Cuba and the United States during prohibition. We kept it in Casco Bay off Falmouth Foreside, a beautiful spot, and spent many summers boating, swimming, fishing and picnicking on Basket Island. We even water skied when the bay was calm. Though it’s true, I didn’t receive much personal attention, moral support or affection from my parents, I did experience a rich life with them.

As I thought about these things in meditation, I began to cry and spiritually embraced my parents. Surrounded by love, I forgave them for their shortcomings and apologized for mine. Oddly, once I finished the process of forgiveness, I realized there was nothing for any of us to forgive because, given the core beliefs and experiences that shaped our lives, we were all doing the best we could with what we knew. This doesn’t excuse anyone from doing better – it simply means we can spend less time losing ourselves in life’s everyday dramas  and more time figuring out how to make life better for ourselves and others.

You can ask simple questions too! For example, one day: (In a moment of utter frustration, I threw my arms up in the air and asked the universe, what do I want more than anything else in All That Is?

In response, a clear male voice, about six inches in front of my forehead, said, “LOVE!”

That’s it, I shouted! More than anything else in All That Is, I want love – I want to give love and I want to receive love, unconditional love! In a flash of insight, I realized everything I had ever done in life was for love. I was either responding to love or the promise of it, or reacting to a lack of it. When I felt or acted badly, it was because I felt unloved and unappreciated for who I was and what I was doing.) From: Encounter with Unconditional Love.

Have you heard the new song from Adam Lambert? It’s called, What do you want from me? He wrote it after angry fans rebuked him for simulating sexual behavior with a man and a woman on stage during a performance. Was he stung by the public outrage? Probably. In any event, he had the wisdom to ask the question and write the song, What do you want from me? It was an act of healing for him and his fans.

It’s a great question we can all ask others and ourselves. Recently, I imagined some people I know and asked them that question. Their “imagined” answer was – “ Love me unconditionally – I’m being the best I can with what I know.” I take this to be true on faith and I realize that besides being loved and appreciated for who we are, we want to be given room and encouragement to be better. When all is said and done, don’t we all want to be loved and valued? Don’t we all want to love and value ourselves? Isn’t joy all about love and relationships?

Challenge the Intuitive Answers you get no matter what their source. Use your heart AND mind to know what works best for you and what doesn’t, what makes you happy and what doesn’t. Just because a beloved parent or teacher tells us their truth when we’re children doesn’t mean it should automatically become our truth because it comes from them. If ideas do not serve us well, or make us happy, they should be discarded and replaced with ideas that do. The buck stops with each one of us when it comes to accepting ideas as bedrock reality. We owe it to ourselves and All That Is to evaluate every idea that seeks to define who we are and what “reality” is because it impacts our being, which in turn, impacts the world and beyond.

In response to your own Value Questions, determine which ones, if any, you like or agree with and turn them into personalized affirmations or beliefs. In my case, I liked all the Intuitive Answers I received and turned them all into affirmations or beliefs, which I continue to refine and work with to this day.


“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having (creating) a human experience.” – Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

“How you define yourself and the world around you, forms your intent, which, in turn, forms your reality.” – Seth

In other words, we create our reality from what we believe about ourselves, and the world around us.

If we do not consciously choose our beliefs, we unconsciously absorb them from our surroundings.

If our beliefs, attitudes, values and expectations create our reality, can we afford not to question them?

The more we love, understand and appreciate ourselves, the better we treat ourselves, and the world.

Blessings of love and understanding be to us all!

The secrets of the universe lie hidden in the shadows of your experience. Look for them!

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