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My Encounter With the Energy of Unconditional Love

View of Mt. St. Helena from Franz Valley Road off Highway 128, north of Calistoga, California.

(Although this experience happened many years ago, its meaning and significance is still unfolding in my mind. It elevates imagination to the level of reality and opens the door to greater awareness and understanding of who we are. Hang on to your hats, it’s a wild ride!)

By Roger A. “Pete” Peterson

It began as an experiment in telepathic communication…

Between 1981 and 1986, I drove for a bus company in Santa Rosa, California. My job was to transport construction workers to and from geothermal plant construction sites at The Geysers in the Mayacmas Mountains, north of San Francisco. Bordered by Sonoma, Napa, Lake, and Mendocino Counties, this area has long been famous for its natural geysers, fumaroles, and mineral-rich hot springs. At this time, it was the largest geothermal plant complex in the world.

In late 1985, new construction at The Geysers was winding down and I received a new assignment that only required a twelve-passenger minivan as opposed to a thirty-five passenger bus. My friend Michele and I were providing service to riders at two pickup points at the south end of Clearlake in Lake County, sixty-five miles northeast of Santa Rosa on Highway 29.

Like most mornings, I left home at 4:15 A.M., riding my bicycle and arrived at the bus yard on Sebastopol Road four or five minutes later. Coming to a stop in the driveway, before entering the bus yard, my eyes were drawn skyward. Captured between the glow of the moon above and the city lights below, a large number of dark, towering storm clouds filled the sky unlike any I had ever seen before. They were all separate and relatively small, each one standing tall and vertical, like a man. They felt strange and ominous. After leaving the dispatch office with my bus assignment, I passed Michele, checking out her van and say Hi!

During my bus safety check, I continued to pay attention to the clouds as they marched across the sky in the direction of Mt. St. Helena, the mountain we had to cross on the way to Clearlake. After finishing my safety check, I leaned over the steering wheel to look up at the clouds once more. They’ seemed endless in number and, to my eye, they appeared to be tiptoeing across the sky as if to avoid detection. After following their line of travel, it became obvious that they were definitely gathering over Mt. St. Helena.

The line between my imagination and reality blurred even further when I began to think these beings were not just strange looking clouds but armed soldiers bent on a secret mission. What can that mission be, I wondered fairly seriously? Are they preparing to ambush Michele and me in the mountains? The thought, even though it seemed unrealistic and whimsical, sent a shiver down my spine.

After dropping my DBR (Daily Bus Report) off at the office, I left the bus yard  just ahead of Michele. At the edge of Sebastopol Road, I stopped to check for traffic and took time to look up at the sky one more time with concern and curiosity. Without forethought, I left my body and flew to a point high in the air, above Mt. St. Helena. Silently and hopefully, invisible, I watched as the giant cloud warriors arrived. They gathered on top of Mt. St. Helena and milled about  restlessly in excitement and anticipation.

These weren’t armed warriors preparing for battle, I thought; they were ghostly apparitions or souls waiting for the show to begin! As if sensing my presence, one of the cloud beings looked up in my direction. When he honed in on me, he/she/it, alerted the others. When the secret was out, they all scattered in different directions, trying to find a hiding spot in the  nooks and crannies of Mt. St. Helena. “Several of them literally stumbled over each other in their haste to disappear, which reminded me of Larry, Curly, and Moe in the Three Stooges.

Apparently, my spiritual presence signaled the start of the show even before Michele and I got there. With relief and laughter, I, my consciousness,  returned to the bus. With more excitement than concern for this strange force gathering in the mountains ahead, I stepped on the gas .

I think most mountains are magical and Mt. St. Helena is no exception. Crossing it four times a day (two round trips) for almost five years, I personally experienced its magic. For example, there was the voice of actor Henry Fonda. Early one morning as I drove up the western slope, there it was, repeating a familiar phrase from one of his westerns. I don’t remember the phrase now but I was so surprised when I first heard it that it grabbed my attention, even though, as usual, I was deeply engrossed in my own thoughts. How could this be, and why Henry Fonda, I wondered? He had a remarkable presence in movies but he has never been one of my favorite actors. He always seemed cold, stern, and distant, which made it difficult for me  to warm up to him as a person.

His voice became a semi-regular feature on my early morning trips over Mt. St. Helena. It always happened in the same spot, the middle of a short straightaway marked by two right turns about halfway up the west side of the mountain. Even though he used a different phrase from time to time, I always returned with, Hi, Henry, how you doin, in an attempt to get something more back from him, which I never did.

Once, I asked him if he had a message for a friend or family member but his response was no different. It behaved like a mindless “thumper” set to attract giant “spice” worms on Frank Herbert’s Dune. His unchanging voice kept uttering the same phrase repeatedly. Since I was always on a tight schedule and there was no room to park nearby, I never stopped to explore the matter further. Who knows if it was really Henry’s ghost? Maybe it was a cosmic joke to give me something to puzzle over on my journey’s over the mountain.

One of my favorite pastimes as I drove over Mt. St. Helena was experimenting with telepathic communication. The mountain itself made it seem possible. Only a few people live on it, even today. Whenever I drove up toward the peak, it felt like I was rising above the din of human thoughts in the valley below. It was like rising through fog into sunlight or entering another world. When you looked down all you could see was fog, but when you looked up, your visibility was clear and unlimited.

Driving home at night my telepathic experiments normally took the form of asking my wife, Sandra, what we were having for dinner. This question never failed to produce a word description or an image of a meal in my mind. Even though we shopped together on weekends, she took responsibility for planning and preparing our meals during the week. When I wanted to have a particular meal for dinner, or something special from the store like a deli sandwich, burrito, or fresh pizza, I’d communicate that to her telepathically. For example, I’d say, Hey honey, I sure would like to have a Grilled Steak Burrito from Pepe’s tonight. In anticipation, my mouth would water and I’d lick my lips.

Although I didn’t officially document my many telepathic experiments, the number of correct hits went well beyond chance or informed guessing. In reality, the results were almost perfect. On those few occasions I didn’t get what I wanted it was because I didn’t ask for it soon enough. In those cases, Sandra had already purchased or committed herself to preparing something else for dinner. Later, when I’d tell her what I had asked for, she would often say she had thought about it but too late to do anything about it.

One evening, after cresting the peak of Mount St. Helena with a busload of passengers returning home from work, I burst out laughing. I had just finished asking Sandra what we were having for dinner when I realized the similarity between fax machines and telepathy. Unlike ordinary face-to-face communication that makes it easy for us to ask last-minute questions to clear up any questions or misunderstanding, communicating by fax and telepathy is more complicated. For example, when I send a telepathic message to Sandra, I clarified it as much as possible before sending it. Not only did I send her words, I would also send her a clear visual image of what I wanted, including the emotional components that went with it, like salivation, smacking my lips together and making pleasurable sounds like, mm, mm, boy, is that good!

In response to my thoughts, a ghostly fax machine materialized out of thin air between the steering wheel and me. With joy, the “Inner Me” immediately set to work composing a new message to Sandra. Loading the completed message into my phantom fax machine, I punched in her imaginary fax number. Through my Inner Vision, I watched in delight as she read it while standing under the shade of an olive tree next to her car in an almost empty parking lot as she read it with a big smile.

This morning, as Michele and I approached Mt. St. Helena, I playfully reached out to send her a telepathic message. Thinking it might work better if I directed it to her Higher Self, the larger consciousness that surrounds each of us, I asked my first question and listened for an answer.

At first, our exchange seemed imaginary but with each new exchange, the answers from Michele’s Higher Self seemed to become more genuine and real. After my fourth or fifth attempt, it happened! When I reached out to deliver my next question, my essence or consciousness struck an invisible wall of highly charged energy. Shocked by this alarming experience, I snapped back into my body like a tightly stretched rubber band. Oh yeah, and I was sobbing uncontrollably.

While one part of me reacted with shock and fear, another part of me observed my emotional reaction with calm deliberation and curiosity. Among other things, the calm “me” was thinking, I haven’t bawled like this since I was a baby!

After blubbering for what seemed like twenty minutes, I decided to put more energy into identifying my location because it only takes twenty minutes to drive over Mt. St. Helena from one side to the other. It was surprising to see that I was only about one half of the way up the mountain and that it had begun to rain. While using my Inner Vision forced me to sacrifice some detail in outer reality, I was still able to maintain enough consciousness in my body and outer reality to avoid driving off the road or having an accident.

When calm enough, I gently reached out to Michele’s Higher Self again. Curious, I wanted to know if this wall of energy was and if it was still there. Wham! It was still there and I snapped back into myself like a tightly stretched rubber band again. One part of me sobbed with renewed vigor, while a calmer, more objective me began to wonder if something happened to Michele? If not, why am I having this overwhelming emotional reaction?

With growing concern, I raced through a checklist of possibilities. Was Michele involved in a accident? Did she hit another vehicle or accidentally drive off the side of the mountain? I was well aware that she was running several minutes behind me because I had lost sight of her headlights when we started up the mountain. She tended to drive slower than me.

In response to my concern, a voice inside my mind (her Higher Self?), said, “No, a vehicle accident or driving off the side of the mountain is not something she would choose to experience.”

Wow! After mulling that statement over in my mind, I had to agree that this was not something Michele would do. With that thought in mind, I had to ask my own Inner Self or Higher Consciousness: do we all attract certain types of experiences to ourselves while rejecting others? What an intriguing thought! As my concern for Michele’s safety subsided, more immediate thoughts grabbed my attention.

Still sobbing, I struggled to see the road ahead through narrowed eye lids, brimming over with tears. Near the top of Mt. St. Helena, the rain had become a downpour. Driven by powerful gusts of wind water sheeted across the road and made driving even more dangerous. It was this intense outer commotion that brought my attention back from my experiences in inner reality. When I slowed down enough to eliminate the threat of hydroplaning, I took a moment to wonder if Michele had any awareness of the amazing drama playing itself out behind the scenes on Mt. St. Helena. When my question remained unanswered, I turned enough of my attention back to Inner Reality to resume where I had left off.

This time, I determined, if I encounter this wall of energy again, I’m going to stay with it until I know what it is, dammit. Wham! There it was again, and I reacted to it with the same degree of emotional intensity. This time, though, there was a difference. I refused to budge one inch and, suddenly, I found myself inside the middle of this powerful and mysterious field of energy.

When nothing happened to me, I asked, what are you?

This is the Energy of Unconditional Love,” said a soothing male voice that seemed to come from every point within this powerful field of energy .

Sobbing even harder in relief, I finally knew why I kept bursting into tears every time I touched this energy. Yes, it was the Energy of Unconditional Love! I think my intuitive self knew what it was all along but my intellectual self didn’t have a clue.

Without realizing it, my normal defensiveness shut down and I felt relaxed like never before. Suddenly, everything I am and everything I’ve ever been or done, became available for me to see. Suddenly, it occurred to me that, if I could see it in my mind, the Energy of Unconditional Love might be able to see as well. In panic, I quickly raised my defenses again!

When you grow up in a world that creates division through comparison and competition, that controls and manipulates you from the outside-in through judgments of right and wrong, good and bad, all reinforced by the shame of guilt and fear of punishment, you tend to become defensive. You want to avoid the threat of disapproval, ridicule and condemnation. Having personally witnessed the damage value judgment can do to people, me included, I had no desire to experience it now.

Sensing my inner turmoil, the Voice of Unconditional Love, said, “Nothing you can ever think, feel, say or do can keep you from being loved unconditionally.”

Finally able to accept that there was such a thing as unconditional love, I dropped my defenses again and cried in relief. I couldn’t remember ever experiencing this kind of love from a human being before. I wasn’t sure that, as human beings, it’s even possible for us to express this much love, except, maybe, for brief periods of time. As I experienced the energy of unconditional love now, I knew there was nothing I had to do to earn it. Just being myself was enough!

Here, unlike the material world, there are no demands, no expectations, there are no preconditions to satisfy before you receive love. It’s just there. It’s freely given to anyone and everyone, which forced me to ask, what does the Energy of Unconditional Love know about us that we don’t? How can this Being love others without condition? And what is the purpose of Unconditional Love?

Literally taking a bath in the Energy of Unconditional Love, I wondered if the anger, imagined sins, and misunderstandings of my past will wash away forever. Using this moment, I imagine they will, if not forever, at least for now. Even if it’s just the beginning of the end to my emotional suffering, that’s good enough for me!

My own love began to flow and I felt the desire to perform miracles for this Loving Energy. I wanted to honor it for the loving regard in which it held me and All That Is. A superman in this alternate reality, I began to perform feats of magic and strength that are impossible to perform in our physical world. Overflowing with appreciation and gratitude, I couldn’t help but show it.

(Reediting from here, on down. – Pete 5-13-2019)

Suddenly, I realized that much of the joy I felt came from the thought and feeling that the State of Unconditional Love was home, my True Home. For a moment, I saw it as the center of all Being and Creation from which  individualized elements of consciousness, like you and me, leave in forgetfulness to fulfill more of our potential and then return to rest in the arms of Unconditional Love while we absorb and integrate the knowledge we have gained from our experiences.

Growing tired of Unconditional Love after a while, we again venture fort to experience and learn even more than we did before, setting into motion a  multidimensional cosmic wheel to expand the boundaries and complexity of Being and Creation. Like a beacon, the Energy of Unconditional Love forever draws us back to itself in an eternal cycle of Being and Creation. As Beings of Aware Energy (Consciousness) we are both one with and separate from All That Is. We are not only products of creation; we’re creation itself!

I understand now why it’s important for us to fulfill our own unique potential as human beings here on earth. Using our abilities freely and playfully is how we find our way back to love, how we learn and evolve. The Energy of Unconditional Love is more than just a “place” – it’s a state of mind and being we can create and experience wherever we are, no matter what we’re doing.

With an almost imperceptible shift in consciousness, I find myself standing naked in the middle of a dimly lit room with golden, metallic walls. The walls meet at sharp 90-degree angles like most earthly rooms, which doesn’t fit my mood or the soft golden glow of the walls. Reshaping them with the power of my mind, I make them coalesce into one continuous, smoothly curving wall, including the angles between the floor and ceiling.

I am only satisfied when the room looks and feels like the inside of a large golden womb.

When I stop to admire my work, the air in front of my face begins to crackle and pop with dark, exploding points of energy, which become golden rays when they shoot out to form an oval frame of shimmering, radiating light. The face of a man with long brown hair and a beard materializes within the frame. Before my eyes become lost in his, I notice his serene, Christ-like features.

Looking through my eyes and into my soul, He says, “Roger, you’re delightful, just the way you are!

Oh my God, here I go again! The impact of His kind face and loving words starts me on a new round of intense sobbing. Strangely, while the outer “me” sobs, the inner “me” calmly reaches out to lift the bottom edge of the energy field that surrounds us. Gently raising it above my head, I look out across the sloping fields and vineyards of Calistoga, lying at the foot of Mt. St. Helena. The Christ-like Entity is now standing on a grassy knoll a short distance away. Raising His arms, He sends waves of loving energy rippling out across the earth and into the universe. Like air over hot pavement, the energy ripples and expands outward in all directions to include everyone and everything in All That Is.

Meanwhile, the outer me is struggling to keep the empty minibus in the eastbound lane on the narrow, twisting mountain road. The emotional intensity of this mystical experience is so great my body is wrenching back and forth with each sob. Making matters worse, the tightly stretched muscles in my face narrow my eyelids to tiny slits. Through lids brimming over with tears, the road ahead is blurry.

As if this isn’t bad enough, after cresting the peak of Mt. St. Helena, a disembodied head appears outside my side window, traveling at the same speed as the bus. A quick glance to the left reveals another “me”, smiling back. Despite my surprise and curiosity, I force my attention back to the road and attempt to revisit my Inner Vision, but to no avail. The face outside the window commands too much attention as it laughs at me with tears streaming down its face. It’s gut-wrenching, knee-slapping, finger-pointing laughter!

Confused, I wonder what it sees, looking in at me from the outside. Why, oh why, did I ask? Suddenly, I’m outside the bus listening to the “me” inside as I continue to sob. Even from outside the bus, the sound is deafening! It reminds me of when I was a baby and cried with every fiber of my being. Of course, my adult voice is much louder!

Not only can I hear myself from the outside, I can see myself from the outside. Stretched tight from the intensity of my emotions the skin covering my face forms a rigid mask that looks both sad and grotesque. Out of curiosity, I re-enter my body to test the strength of the rigidity in my facial muscles. Can I overcome it by force? Yes, I can but I fear the effort will disrupt the continuity of my experience and stop.

Moving back outside the bus, I continue to watch my body as it jerks back and forth behind the steering wheel. It looks weird and I can’t help but laugh.

Drawn back inside, I begin to look my behavior with differnt eyes. For the first time, my movements feel contrived. It’s as if someone is deep inside me pulling strings or pressing buttons. First, the muscles on the left side of my body tighten and pull me to the left. Then the muscles on the right side tighten and pull me to the right, jerking me back and forth from side to side in tune with the sound of my sobs. My movements are no longer spontaneous but mechanical.

As the spell of unconditional love wears off, I wonder what my supervisors would say if they knew I was allowing this experience to continue on while driving their bus over Mt. St. Helena. I’m sure they would freak out and give me lots of reasons why no one should ever allow their inner senses to take over while driving, and I’m sure I would agree with most of them. What would Michele think if she could see me now? For that matter, what would any person think if they could see me wrenching back and forth behind the steering wheel with a grotesque, mask-like expression on my face?

In a cartoon-like flight of fancy, I stomp on the brakes and do a 180, coming to a dusty stop on the other side of the road, facing back in the direction I came. Suddenly, two people approach in their car. When my fantasy travelers get close enough to see the rigid, tear streaked look on my face, they react in horror. The female passenger throws her hands up to stifle a scream, and the male driver’s eyes bug out in alarm while his hands tighten their grip on the steering wheel. Slamming his brakes on, he turns the steering wheel hard to the left and comes to a screeching stop, sideways in front of me. Putting the car in reverse, he backs up far enough to complete a turn and peals out as if he’s being chased by the devil. After imagining several more wacky scenarios like this, the tension breaks and I begin to laugh. Soon, I’m laughing with the same gut-wrenching, knee-slapping, finger-pointing intensity as the earlier “me” outside the bus.

Looking out the driver’s side window again, I see a new face staring back at me. It’s no longer “me” looking back at “me” but the face of an older man with shoulder-length white hair. His upper chest and shoulders are visible and he’s wearing a thick, well-made quilted coat over several layers of clothing. He appears to be from a cold climate. A large ornate medallion hangs from a chain around his neck and he looks both wild and magical. I begin to suspect he’s responsible for orchestrating the floating head experience. What role does this play in my encounter with the Energy of Unconditional Love, I wonder.

Nodding, he smiles in approval and leaves me half expecting a wink. As I continue to watch him, his face begins to change. His smile disappears, followed by a look of anger then, hateful contempt. As his face continues to transform, it becomes younger and more ancient in origin. Soon, his features have turned coarse and brutish; the hair on his head, thick, black and tangled. In place of the nice, quilted coat is a dark animal skin wrapped around his hips with a wide strap over one shoulder. A large club in his left hand, he looks at me and raises it threateningly as if to hit me.

Changing his mind, he turns and runs off into the woods, his hair streaming behind him. He stops and turns once more, the look of hatred replaced by a look of sadness and loss. Does he feel a sense of connection between us? Is he another me in a past lifetime or alternate reality? Would this make me a future aspect of him? As he disappears, my mind fills with questions concerning his role and that of the magician in this vision within a vision.

With a start, I remember that in less than twenty minutes construction workers will be getting on my bus. Leaning over to look at my face in the passenger mirror, I see a puffy face, a runny nose, and red eyelids. Laughing nervously, I wonder how to handle this situation. Pulling my handkerchief out of my back pocket, I blow my nose and wipe my eyes the best I can. Time is short but I feel an urgent need to check the Energy of Unconditional Love one more time. I want to know if it’s real beyond any doubt. Forget the men in Clearlake Highlands, I think, this is too important to pass up! With this issue settled, instead of reaching out to Michele’s Higher Self, I reach out to Robert, my own higher self, whom I met in dreams, meditation and even channeled.

Wham! The Energy of Unconditional Love is still there and again I sob just as intensely as I did before. With my question answered, I spiritually hug Robert with a sense of profound gratitude. I thank everyone involved in creating this amazing and profound spiritual drama. I even thank the bus company for the timely job assignment and the bus that brought me here. I thank the earth spirits, including my ghostly cloud friends, for the cover of this dark and stormy night, and I thank the Energy of Unconditional Love especially. This experience would not have been possible without the willing participation of all these elements working together. For the fourth and final time this morning, I leave the Energy of Unconditional Love to get on with the business of waking reality.

As I continue my journey toward Clearlake Highlands in the afterglow of my Encounter with Unconditional Love, I ask, Why me? What did I do to deserve this amazing experience?

Rolling this question around in my mind, I travel back in time to a point two years earlier. At home alone, I’m sitting at my office desk feeling frustrated and depressed because every attempt I’ve made thus far to become independently wealthy has failed, and I’m unable to think about what to do next. My belief is that changing myself, and the world, for the better will require lots of time and money.

As a child, I was unhappy with life. In my world, most people didn’t treat each other very well and I hated that (were they unhappy too?). It seemed I had three choices; withdraw from life, end my life (if I could summon the courage) or do something about it. I chose to do something about it! Specifically, although I couldn’t express my desire in words at the time, I wanted to see more love, truth and joy in the world. I knew it was asking a lot of us but, hey, what’s life without a challenge? Changing the world for the better seems preferable to hiding from it in denial, or giving in to established beliefs with which we disagree.

I had decided to climb Mt. Everest but here I was, in my early forties, still stuck in the foothills with too little time and too little money to do more than maintain essentials. My salad dressing business after college had failed, my several attempts at multilevel marketing failed, and even though I liked my low-paying job, here I was, still working full time driving buses for a living. When the memory of my failures became too unbearable to stand, I threw my arms up in the air and asked whoever was listening, including me, what I wanted more than anything else in All That Is.

In response, a strong, male voice, about six inches in front of my forehead, said, “LOVE!

Overcoming my surprise, I shouted, that’s it! More than anything else in All That Is, I want love – I want to give and receive love, unconditionally! In a flash of insight, I realized that everything I’ve ever done in life was for love, whether it was love from me or others. I was either looking for love or acting out because of a lack of it. When I felt or acted badly, it was because I felt unappreciated and unloved for who I was or what I was doing. How can I love others, if I can’t love myself, I thought.

As a young person, I was angry and frustrated because I found it hard to love the people around me, including myself. Almost everyone I knew, with rare and wonderful exceptions, seemed petty, mean, critical, insincere or vindictive. My parents and most of their adult friends seemed unhappy, unless they were drinking alcohol.

At the time, it didn’t occur to me that we might all be suffering from the same problem, a cultural mandate to make value judgments, to constantly compare ourselves to one another and to outside standards of being and performance. It is the kind of belief system that fuels fear, anger, guilt, contempt, competition, conflict and violence because it assumes we’re bad and we can’t trust ourselves. In this psychological climate, many of us become Master Fault-Finders and a source of pain and anguish to others as well as ourselves. A popular belief system, it still dominates all others in the world today.

We can do better than create a fear-based value-judgment world of right and wrong, good and bad, guilt and punishment. In this world, unconditional love  can only be an ideal, not a reality. Out of personal and culturally supported fear and distrust of ourselves, and others, we must place conditions on almost everything we do. As parents, teachers and civil authorities we end up telling each other, whether spoken or not, to “act ‘good’ (by my definition and authority) and I will reward you. Act ‘bad’ and I will punish or destroy you.”

By treating ourselves as little more than mindless masses of protoplasm that need to be poked and prodded into predefined forms of order and behavior, it’s no wonder many of us find it hard to like ourselves, let alone others. Our “official” belief system fails to acknowledge the true nature of who we are and what we’re capable of becoming.

As Pogo, an old comic strip character created by Walt Kelly, once said: “We have met the enemy (and savior)… and he is us.”

What amazes me most about my Encounter with Unconditional Love is that, even though it took two years for the universe to arrange, it gave me what I wanted!

Dawn is breaking as I pull into our temporary parking lot in Clearlake Highlands but, thankfully, it’s still dark enough to give me some cover. To keep the men from seeing my face as they board the bus, I open the driver’s side door and turn my head as if lost in thought. Even though the overhead light in the bus is dim, you can still see expressions on people’s faces if you look closely. Once the men seat themselves, I close the doors and turn around to drive. I don’t know if any of them noticed my puffy face and red eyelids but if they did, they’re kind enough not to mention it. Putting the bus in gear, we head for The Geysers.

It took several months for me to screw up the courage to ask Michele if she remembered anything different about that morning. I knew she would remember it because it was the only time she and I did the Clearlake Highlands’ Run alone. Her answer was “No.” Even when I described my fear that she had been involved in an accident or driven off the mountain, she could remember nothing out of the ordinary about that extra-ordinary morning. (Read Jay’s Story)

Copyright 1999, Roger A. “Pete” Peterson

Pete, http://realtalkworld.com/

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having (creating) a human experience.” – Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

“How you define yourself and the world around you, forms your intent, which, in turn, forms your reality.” – Seth

In other words, we create our own reality from what we choose to believe about ourselves, and the world around us.

If we don’t consciously choose our beliefs, we UNconsciously absorb them from our surroundings.

If our beliefs, attitudes, values and expectations create our reality, can we afford not to question them?

The more we love, understand and appreciate ourselves, the better we treat ourselves, and the world.

Be the God within you and bless us all with the energy of unconditional love!

The secrets of the universe lie hidden in the shadows of your experience. Look for them!

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  • dbtm January 27, 2014, 12:11 PM

    I’m not a skeptic. Over the years, I’ve read and heard many strange stories. From my pov, a lot of them are quite believable. However, this one simply doesn’t ring true.

    I could tell you exactly why, but I’m not going to do that. I’m not in the business of educating con artists.

  • Pete January 27, 2014, 2:06 PM

    dbtm, we’re all free to believe whatever we choose. Most of us learn to limit the range of our perception to what we learn in school and observe with our physical senses. I do not, which opens me up to other forms of learning and perception. Skepticism is a good thing. It’s better to feel our way along before jumping into something unfamiliar. Instead of passing judgment on my experience, and others like them, keep an open mind and do some research. There are several accounts of near-death experiences here as well.

    Even my daughter expresses disbelief and asks me if I did drugs whenever she reads Inside Ivy, an account of my experience inside a household ivy plant. Thanks for writing.

  • dbtm January 27, 2014, 10:47 PM

    Gee thanks for the advice. It’s nothing to do with unfamiliarity or having an “open mind. Quite the opposite. Perhaps you should read the comment properly before you answer. I’ve been researching this stuff most of my life. I’ve never read a less believable account. As I said, I’ve seen and heard many things and had my own personal experiences. Again, I’m NOT a skeptic.

    I’ve also read Jane Robert’s books, whom you misinterpret in places hereabouts. For one thing, beliefs are not “unconsciously absorbed from our surroundings” They’re ALL consciously chosen. Maybe you should do more research before making up your tales.

  • Pete January 31, 2014, 11:08 AM

    dbtm, to keep myself from standing in judgment of others, I keep asking myself questions like: who are we, what’s reality, what’s the purpose of life, what do we know that we don’t know we know, what can we do that we don’t know we can do, where do we begin and where do we end? It keeps me humble and honest. It reminds me that, as Consciousness or Aware Energy, we’re both one and separate; that we’re both products of creation and creation itself.

    Instead of continuing to let my outer self make judgments, I decided to trust my inner self to feel answers. See: Ask Value Questions and Listen for Intuitive Answers. Instead of continuing to compare myself to others and competing for attention with them, I decided it would be of a lot more useful for me to focus on being me, free of earthly attachments beyond those I freely choose out of value fulfillment.

    In writing about my experiences like, Encounter with Unconditional Love, I start with rough notes and then spend hours, weeks, months and sometimes, years writing and rewriting the details of my experience. I sleep on it and record my memories until I feel I can’t get any closer to the full truth of my experience. It’s a very tedious process that requires great patience, something I made peace with long ago. Somehow, I knew and trusted that it contained intrinsic value. I still do.

    Throughout my writing, I remind readers that I write what makes the most sense to me at this time, knowing that everything changes with each new thought and action. I also encourage them to take what they like and leave the rest. Trusting our own authority is something we all owe ourselves.

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